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nothing quite like friends...

hi i’m back straight away with another layout i made using lots of beautiful felicity jane supplies, this one was totally inspired by paige evans… 122 more words


Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Embellishments

This was most definitely the lesson that was needed in my craft space and also the one I was most looking forward to. I love, love , love me some embellishing and getting to paw through my collection of pretty things is pretty darn close to heaven in my world. 1,941 more words

Love It

Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Technique Types

Let’s do this, another batch of scrappy stuff to go through and sort, purge and organize. Today I’m lumping all the Technique type supplies together Stamps, Inks and Mixed Media supplies. 962 more words

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Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Joining Forces

Now it’s time to really sink our teeth in to my whole reason for participating in Workspace – the purging process. I know what I have, I know how I currently create in this space and I have my idea of my ideal crafting environment firmly front-of-mind. 1,512 more words

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Workspace: Dream Space

If your anything like me, you’re no stranger to dreaming of the perfect crafty space and Marcy has got us all creating a mood board of our Dream Space in her… 766 more words


Workspace: Project Creation

One of the things about a functioning workspace is knowing how you use it and that’s what the next few lessons in the Workspace class asked us to tackle. 1,860 more words


Creative Planning / Fall & Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! Welcome back!

I would like to share with you my newest class at Big Picture classes called “Creative Planner Pages | Fall & Thanksgiving… 99 more words