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YAY ALA! The Student Takes San Francisco


I’m sorry, that was undignified. But seriously, this is really awesome. By the time you read this I will have been in San Francisco for almost a week, attending the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, and I have to tell you I’m geeking out hard. 684 more words

Big Picture

Introduction From "The Quarter Life Crisis"

I turn 25 in two weeks.

The weight of that statement…

     I turn 25 in two weeks.

That absolutely terrifies me.

I know that sounds crazy, but humor me, here. 602 more words


"Me River"

The mind flows:
A river
Rippling, swirling
Thought to thought
Eddies form
Whirlpools spin
As thoughts stick
And twirl again

Thoughts wash away,
Never to return… 47 more words


Survival Strategy #17 - Maintaining Self-Awareness

Possibly one of biggest challenges I’ve encountered in getting through life so far is maintaining self-awareness. It can get really difficult not to take criticisms personally, or to remember that our failures don’t define us, or to know what steps are necessary in getting out of a rut. 445 more words

Survival Strategies

I read a lot about meditation and about being in the moment and being mindful. But I also read and hear about always keeping the big picture in mind, whatever that “big picture” may be. 49 more words


The Harbinger

At the core
Is the question
What is to be done?
We’ve tried ignoring it
But despite all our wishes
It doesn’t disappear
We’ve stayed asleep… 36 more words

Big Picture

The Acadian Adventure

I have a shirt that says Think of it as an Adventure and it’s one of my favorites. It’s one of those shirts that I don’t remember where I got it, and doesn’t have a tag that says. 540 more words