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Adventures Around the Web Nov 11-17, 2017

Your Story Lives in the Details

It sounds simple.  Add details.  Be specific.  It’s not.  It’s an incredibly hard skill to learn, especially when writers a cultured to treat description as boring. 307 more words


A vague reminder

If you’ve ever read a book that has too many details, you know it’s overwhelming. If you need an index to keep all the characters straight, maybe there are too many characters. 171 more words


The Big Picture - Govt announces Rs 9 lakh crore to revive Economy


Set meeting at the government attempt to revive the economy from its was slow down in 3 years the first announcement was in the infrastructure space as the cabinet approved building 34800 km of highways under the Bharat Mala land the centre will invest 5.35 lakh crore rupees towards the plan that is in to connect economic corridor across the country over all the government will build 84000 km of roads for the next 5 years to an investment of 6.92 lakh crore rupees including the Bharat Mala plan the other and big announcement was that it located 2.11 lakh crore rupees over 2 years for the recapitalization of public sector banks the plan is intended to help banks make adequate provisions against bad loans and revive lending which in turn me helpful terrific recovery in economic growth and private investment on this edition of the big picture we will analyse the government make a plan to revive the economy join me on the program today or Nitin Desai form chief economic advisor Government of India Mediterranean The Economic Times and Sudheer Krishna former secretary Ministry of Urban Development thank you to all my guess you joining this edition of the big picture I like to begin with you of course you know the last few weeks to media has been speculating about the stimulus package the government has commented that they could possibly be a stimulus package to try and revive the call me the stimulus package is finally here we are opening statements on the stimulus package on the two announcements made today or yesterday at the one about the roads and its welcome and because I always believe that road for any means of communication is a welcome development so that is alright but there are issues its welcome in one part but there are issues it can’t be like a recipe for sure success without other issues in handle on the second part I have slaughter reservations because this the banks put together have npa the order of 5 in 9 to 10 lakh crore and white in PS situation has come about we have to see that why you’re using capital is it that it’s a bottomless pit where we are going to put some more water 2 in English go again that way I am because most of the NP a large number of npas on account of road sector only major Road project in a company they have their fingers and other Infrastructure Projects these are the major sectors where the NPS have come about that is not resolved the nearly in fusing capital in the bank that too in PSU the largest in the pieces only have some but then we will go along with it is going to come from 2.1 100000 rupees to £135,000 some of the rules and keep it outside I can’t afford to have 135000 crores of boring by the government out and keep the P. 2,804 more words

Big Picture

Social Skills Training and ADHD: What Gives it the Best Shot at Working?

A short supply of self-restraint and other characteristics of ADHD can hurt relationships.  Social skills training is one of the interventions used to prevent relationship damage and increase relationship repair.  187 more words

ADHD Parenthood

Look at the BIG Picture (Leveraging the Network Part 3)

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been discussing a question from Amy Diamond Ray, of Johnson County Chem-Dry that I think is worth addressing in the Digital Minute. 534 more words


Big Picture: Loss

On a morning, just like any other morning-sunny, warm, delightful (just like every morning that had ever been), the man and his wife strolled through their tropical paradise. 1,042 more words