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City doubles down: ZERO traffic fatalities, serious injuries by 2027

Critical steps underway for intensive Vision Zero public education outreach campaign.

The City of Sacramento is taking another critical step to reach its Vision Zero goal… 338 more words


Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture

Everyone remembers those fun times at their friend’s houses when they were growing up. Usually at least one or two specific times stand out as the most memorable. 651 more words



Resolution has a couple of predominant meanings and associations. To be resolute is to have made a firm decision about something. To resolve something is to settle it. 618 more words


Can't see the trees for the forest - A haiku

A forest I see

Lovely, blanketed in leaves

But where are the trees?


The Light...


Oh how deep, how dark
So bottomless and unfathomable
I try to pierce through but behold
I dare not go further

The darkness is so encompassing… 132 more words



Leadership is a difficult topic. The book definition is clear: the act of leading a group or organization. But the practical definition, not so clear. How do you know what exactly a leader should do and shouldn’t do? 686 more words


I'm puzzled

But not in a sense of being perplexed. I have started to see myself as a puzzle in a puzzle. Or as Ken would put it, a holon in a holon. 362 more words