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Big Picture

At times I struggle being a part of “ready-made” groups.  I wonder how many other people wrestle with this, yet remain.  Why do I struggle? 201 more words

Spiritually Speaking


Hey Kids,

I like big picture thinking.

Standing back and looking at the whole scenario, as opposed to reacting to each individual action, I believe, will net you more success. 328 more words


The Real Me - Over One Year Later

You know, it’s funny…

I made my last post over a year ago. At that point, I had just gotten a new girlfriend (official for two whole days at that point) and was feeling vulnerable during my downtime, but as time went on, I had completely forgotten about this vulnerability. 1,257 more words

This Could Be The Life That Death Built

I can pinpoint the day I realized I had apocalyptic anxiety. It was the morning I woke up from a terrifying nightmare when I was in my mid-twenties. 663 more words


The Black Hole of "Should"

There’s nothing more dangerous in the gym or in training than the concept of “should.” OK, if your gym has an alligator wrestling pond that might take the cake, but otherwise  should is the worst. 1,036 more words

Big Picture

Ecig proponents need to learn lessons from other activists

by Carl V Phillips

Several recent conversations in the comments here, on other CASAA media, and elsewhere reminded me of the unfortunate fact that many pro-ecig activists have (a) little awareness of the history of fights about THR related to smokeless tobacco, (b) a hostile attitude toward pursuing their natural common cause with smokers’ rights advocates and those who oppose anti-smoking junk science for other reasons, and (c) a failure to understand that social cause activism is a well-worn path, and the habit of trying to reinvent it without seeking outside wisdom is a recipe for defeat. 2,994 more words