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Planting seeds

Hi All!
As I was out raking the front lawn in the glorious sunshine today, I started thinking about my plants. You see, they’re looking pretty retched right now. 294 more words

The Design

Right into place
The position of rest
Purpose relaxed
Yet poised
One click away
From action

The pen’s form
Serves its purpose
A design… 37 more words


The Syria strike

On the radio this morning, Fran Kelly and Sabra Lane spoke, in their respective programmes, at length about the US strike on Syria. In this post, I want to discuss the Russian involvement in Syria, the purpose of the US attack and the supposed change in US policy vis-√†-vis ‘regime change’ in Syria. 635 more words

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) - Management Strategy

By Reanna Moore, Kayla Berger, Ashtyn Dokuchie & Rhiannon Lace

Management Options

Over time, many management practices have taken place around the world, and few have had any lasting effect, especially when wild boar are not confined to islands. 1,970 more words

My interest, me and only me

In the UK, looking after your very own interest is the only way to go. Don’t fall for “team sacrifice” or “personal compromise” in the interest of the “big picture” as most¬†organisational cultures theories are fuelling some companies. 210 more words


How to Drive Chicago: No Texting in Turn Lane

14. Drive. Ok. We are all going to check our phones when stopped at a red light. Better than doing it while moving. Listen for the honk behind you to let you know the when light goes greeen again. 99 more words


The Big Picture

As I sit here contemplating how to begin this first blog post, I find myself reflecting on how I even got to this point. I never set out to start my own business, yet through a series of events, many outside of my control, here I am. 760 more words

Big Picture