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Cartoon: If the economy was an airplane...

Matt Wuerker is one of my favorite cartoonists. And I’d missed this one, somehow.

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz for tweeting it, today.


The Art of Togetherness

So, I recently took up nail art as part of my fundraising efforts (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you could read this post… 631 more words


I’ve learned many valuable things about parenting from my own mother. She’s given me tips and tricks for dealing with things like whining/arguments (ie. the ones she used on Shannon and I as children), as well as bigger-picture principles and approaches to motherhood in general. 544 more words


AWS cloud storage for Big Data

A key financial advantage of cloud computing over onsite computing is elasticity: Cloud computing power and storage resources can be provisioned on-demand at virtually any size. 596 more words

Big Picture

Exodus 9:1-7: The Fifth Plague

Pharaoh has denied God’s command given through Moses and Aaron to let his people go four times.  The fifth plague is more severe than the first four.   477 more words

Decisions, decisions . . .

A friend recently spoke of someone we both knew as not being good at choosing when faced with too many options.

It struck a chord.  The curse of the big-picture idealist: highly intuitive and constantly weighing up options. 272 more words