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10 Signs That You May Be Maturing

·       You choose to pick your battles, as opposed to reacting to every little situation.

·       You become less concerned with what is popular, and more concerned about what is right. 129 more words


Wait a Second!

Turns out that I am not very good at waiting. I have just recently stumbled upon this little quirk and I must fix it… fast! I’ve just realized that my urgency of the day or moment may not be someone else’s top priority… A good lesson learned, however, it is important to find a way to manage the impatient waiting and still be productive! 309 more words


Room to Grow?

Jennifer Jarson is the Information Literacy and Assessment Librarian and Social Sciences Subject Specialist at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.  Her research interests include information literacy and student learning pedagogy and assessment, as well as issues regarding communication, collaboration, and leadership. 916 more words


Square One

I’ve been trying to understand a seemingly simple concept as of late. It’s something we talk about a lot… something that hopefully, most of us have experienced at some point or another, something that we hope for, something we strive to show and seek to receive, something we can say without meaning or mean without saying. 984 more words

Awesome God

The Yes/No Phenomenon

Because we are a society that struggles with the need for approval we tend to say yes without thinking and then almost immediately we have remorse because we should have said no. 262 more words

Big Picture

Struggle vs. Frustration

What is the difference between struggle and frustration? Struggle is an action towards progression if you don’t allow frustration to block you from your goal. In other words, struggle is the progress towards mastery and frustration is the inhibitor towards that mastery. 94 more words

Big Picture

An Old Notebook

While doing some cleaning in my house I came across  an old notebook of mine. I have a ton of them all over the house that I scribble things in from time to time. 203 more words