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Salvation is a BIG, multi-faceted, all-including, relational story (with some social justice and revolution included)

I have heard evangelicals say that Christians should focus on the gospel – other concerns should be forgotten for the sake of the gospel. Others say the church should focus on both the gospel message and Christian actions like feeding the hungry, helping the abused, etc. 930 more words

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Struggle within

A beautiful woman comes into the room. She glances over the people present. Will her gaze rest upon me? Do I stand out?
A dreadful teacher comes into the room. 315 more words

Big Picture

It's Not A Small World Afterall

When I look at the big picture, I always end up asking myself, “How do I fit in this infinitely growing world?” Am I even needed? 112 more words


Hello Stars, My Old Friends

This past weekend I attended a workshop on gratitude and joy at Esalen Institute on the coast of California near Monterey.  In the deep darkness, I looked up at the stars and felt awe and sadness as I noticed constellations I had long forgotten.   137 more words

Big Picture

Brief: The Pace of the World

The pace of the world is too fast for everyone. Most people only pretend to keep pace. Those who are successful keep pace because they can afford to take worry free time away on a regular basis.

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Big Picture


Someone recently said to me ‘I really want to do something but there’s someone doing it already. Now I’m stuck and feel like I’ve got no purpose in life.’ This caught me off guard as I’d once been at this point. 208 more words


my markers in the storm

This photo serves as the definition of “a picture contains a thousand words.” The photo is blurry paralleling with our dysfunction prevalent throughout the group, but these are the kind of people who you want to latch onto. 61 more words