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The Frustration of Vindication: Surfing the Wave of Change

There are many exciting things emerging in education at the moment.

All sorts of educational big-wigs are blowing us away with their theories about how learning… 339 more words


Ayn Randian Dreams (Nightmares?) -- A Philosophical Mosaic

I saw a clip–
A grey, hazy time capsule,
Chronicling our past
Yet so present…
Still a specter
Which dominates our minds

Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson??? 784 more words


What will save your life?

Do you remember the exact moment when life hit you in the face and you thought “What the fuck am I going to do?” I do. 1,216 more words



No… I’m not done with Montserrat yet. This time, I present to you the big picture, quite literally: these are the hills home to the famed church, and if you squint you can see it, about in the center (the jumble of lines than the rest). 24 more words


Most Important Topic in the History of Humankind

Our Food Choices in the 21st Century

Life began on our planet about four billion years ago. The human species emerged just 200,000 years ago. If you crammed those four billion years of history into one year, we’ve been here for just the last 26 minutes of the last hour of that year. 1,307 more words

Activism & Leadership

The Commute

The only sound…
throbbing against the pavement.
With bobbing heads,
they all look the same.

I feel separate.

They sweep past me.
A scurrying mass, 10 more words

Random Thoughts

No show, No call Dating

……Dude, you are missing out on “all this”


I feel like I am on a soapbox lately regarding manners and politeness. It is not difficult to behave in a civilized manner, treat people as you expect to be treated, and just have good manners in general. 794 more words