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Can beggars be choosers?

Well, it seems in today’s society they can.

As lunchtime came around, I decided to go out for a wander to strech the legs and clear the head. 427 more words


Choices With My Heart On My Sleeve

Shower thoughts cause remember I told y’all I do my best thinking there. I guess it’s not a coincidence that I come up with the nicest lines when I got hot water drizzling in my hair. 374 more words

Forgiveness Is The Struggle..

Forgiveness is the constant struggle, but way more than just a sorry. I do some things that people can’t forgive but will and his family forgave me for accident with the Yari. 368 more words


Dear Officer

You pulled up behind my Impala with its mystery enhanced by the dark of my barely legal tint. Maybe I looked like I had something to hide. 755 more words

The Best Two Years

From 2008 to 2010, I was a Mormon Missionary assigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission. It was never something I wanted to do. I had been born and raised in the Mormon Church, passed through all of the childhood and adolescent milestones, faithfully attended meetings, read scripture daily, prayed at dawn and dusk, and all of the other things which a good Mormon was supposed to do. 247 more words


Parallel processing and larger pictures

Today, I did something I would have thought impossible a few months ago. As a fledgling teacher almost two years ago, I would plan each class in excruciating detail and then work up a Plan B and C and D, in case things didn’t go as planned. 663 more words


Reframing failure

It was Moz’s turn to make dinner on Sunday. He got bored through the afternoon and decided to make us brandy snap bowls for dessert. I’m very happy with him being bored. 810 more words