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My Life in Guitars – Part 7 (the Penultimate Entry)

I confess, I often act under the delusion that if I get a certain type of guitar, talent will somehow rub off on me. It’s kind of like Arthur pulling the sword from the stone—KAPOW! 414 more words


Photo Session With Big Red

I headed out to trim my roses this morning and passed the front flower bed. There was Big Red, standing in front of the daisies. We named him Big Red because of the unusual rust colored patch on top of his head. 282 more words

Observations Of The Illusion

The Drift Pass Big Red- sold into a private collection

Some paintings are made and stay in the studio influencing other work for some time. This painting is definitely one of them.The work has been exhibited and appreciated across the United Kingdom.  176 more words

THHE Art Edit

George Condo

One of the most influential contemporary painters of his time George condo creates surreal and cubist influenced paintings. His paintings are so bizarre and unique and to me are still considered as very contemporary still influencing artists today. 170 more words

Kissing frogs.

New Zealand Sauvignon, Australian Shiraz and Argentinian Malbec – the phrases trip blithely off the tongue as easily as the wines slip around it.  They have all become big money-making New World regions, eclipsing the original regions of the grape, France. 329 more words

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All Four Legs

After my emotion packed lesson last week, my trainer and decided I should take a few lessons to get my confidence back and see where we go next.   429 more words