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Random links!

Here are some articles I have been wanting to read but haven’t gotten to or all the way through. I’m clearing out my browser tabs and linking them here so maybe someday I can get back to them! 575 more words

UFOs Are The Next Hysteria on the Democrat Platform for Campaign 2020

They may even arrange an alien encounter for good measure. The Green New Deal may include little green men. I’m sorry, little green ladies and gentlemen. 961 more words


Mind Control: HAARP Conspiracy (2018) - BOOK NOTES


0:00 The idea of controlling or influencing human behavior is something that goes back decades. It has always been a target of the US Military and security agencies and apparatus of the United States. 1,730 more words


It Doesn't End until You Die

The mission of revelation in this fallen world doesn’t end with any of us. Our Father’s glory blazed long before us, and will continue long after us. 728 more words