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BBC Newscast: Risk Assessment

31 July 2020

On this week’s bumper Newscast, Adam asks Jeremy Bowen why the tragic explosion in Beirut could have bigger consequences closer to home. With climate change, coronavirus, and China “feeling its oats”, we draw up the Newscast Risk Register of national security concerns – with help from former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and BBC Security Correspondent Gordon Corera. 28 more words


BBC Newscast: Inside AstraZeneca

30 July 2020

Adam meets the pharma giants making 2 billion doses of Coronavirus vaccine.

The race is still on to find a Coronavirus vaccine – but what will it look like, and how will we get hold of it? 14 more words


[Satire] Big Fruit Goes Country Shopping

We all know we underestimated the reach of Big Fruit, but only recently have we figured the extent. In an unprecedented move, the fruit company we all grew to love, and now hate, has revolutionized the world yet again; this time in advancing the cause of Federalism. 417 more words

Big State

BBC Newscast: Bossing the Tech Bosses

28 July 2020

On the day that the world’s biggest tech companies defend their firms against claims they abuse their power, Adam is joined by the BBC’s Aleem Maqbool and Jessica Lessin from technology business publication, The Information. 7 more words


ELECTORAL INTERFERENCE: Democrat Rep. Lois Frankel Calls for Big Tech to Censor Laura Loomer’s Campaign Ads

Source:  Shane Trejo

Rep. Lois Frankel (D-CA) is in the fight of her life to retain her Congressional seat, with banished journalist Laura Loomer’s insurgent campaign nipping at her heels. 116 more words

US News

Does Big Tech Owe Big Money?

I was reading something earlier that said, one of the bigger investors in Facebook early on was this Russian guy. The article was saying he bought a mansion for $100 million in 2011.

Kind of an interesting article.


Plan To Steal The Election

How are the creepy and swindling Democrats planning to steal the 2020 election? Steven Crowder reviews the latest insanity from Trevor Noah and then looks at how leftists, Big Tech and the Democrat Party are working together to take away the American public’s faith in the election results. 38 more words

Sounding Off!