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Big Tech’s Harvest Of Sorrow?

At the same time that science and technology have vastly improved human lives, they have also given certain visionaries the means to transform entire societies from above. 32 more words


Kamala Harris Twitter Profile @KamalaHarris

Notable tweets:

Falsely calls justified shooting of Mike Brown a ‘murder’ – Saint Michael Brown the patron saint of the false narrative of black victimization, the greatest lie of our generation. 1,813 more words


Stop Googling

Let me recommend this Corbett Report episode. It highlights the long term plans and intentions of Google. Granted, there is a fair probability that Google will be hammered for any number and things, and may well be changed dramatically or even removed from the scene. 47 more words


Redeeming Creation

It is unlikely that anyone with actual authority is going to hear what we have to say. Our fundamental orientation on reality is at odds with every single human authority on this earth. 1,239 more words


CONSERVATIVES WAKE UP AND TAKE ACTION: Big Tech Is No Longer a 'Neutral Platform' So Censorship Should Not Even Be An Option

By: Brian Evans

As Google, Social Media Sites, and the rest of the tech world actively work to eradicate Conservatives, Christians, and pro-Trump supporters from the internet, millions are asking, just when is someone going to take action, and demand Big Tech be held accountable for their strategic targeting and censorship of their ideological opponents in America! 1,832 more words


BBC - Real Story: Africa's digital transformation

BBC World Service


The rollout of the internet in Africa has been patchy. Some countries have used it to leapfrog others, boosting their economies. For many others, new networks and technologies have yet to bear fruit. 128 more words