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December 20, 2013

Temperature rises
and the big thaw commences.
A muddy Christmas?


A Week in Pictures - 5/1/12

Gift-wrap.  It’s usually best if you use things that you have lying around the house, which in our case clearly is some kraft paper, sharpees, a leftover Christmas bow and a patriotic gingham ribbon used to dress up one of the presents we brought to the birthday girl’s Minnie Mouse themed party on Sunday.   290 more words

LIttle Eye

Vendor Spotlight: Bon Appetit Petites

It’s no secret that we Forest City dwellers are, to put it lightly, incredibly obsessed with food.  For a population size this small, we sure have a lot of kick-ass restaurants doing excellent things with edibles.   229 more words


Vendor Spotlight: The Proud Maine-iac + Jeanne Marie Coleman Photography

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Tonight we bring you Jeanne Marie Coleman of the Maine Photo Source and The Proud Maine-iac.  It’s no secret from the name that Jeanne’s work reflects the more tangible reasons to be proud to be a Mainer.   131 more words


Poster Process!

A huge part of the Big Thaw and the Big Chill is our handprinted posters, a collaboration from Kris Johnsen and Meagan Anderson.  Advertising our event with artwork that has been locally-sourced and cared for is important!   36 more words

General Info

Vendor Spotlight: All Strung Out

Hello, hello!  Welcome to the first installment of our Vendor Spotlight, featuring All Strung Out from Nancy Desrossiers.  Because the Big Thaw falls on May 12 this year (one day before Mother’s Day) we’ve asked some of our vendors how moms have influenced their work. 328 more words