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Sliding into a new stage

My nearly one and half year old daughter with a huge smile on her face and a wet bathing suit clinging to her little body, climbed out of her kiddie pool in our backyard and with excitement radiating in all directions headed straight to her two foot tall plastic slide that landed in the pool. 436 more words


"It's the Little Things"

One piece of advice (of many) that I learned from my dad as an adolescent was to appreciate the little things in life.  Of course as an adolescent I didn’t fully understand and apply this to my life at the time and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I was truly able to. 578 more words


Treasures in Bruns

Coffs Harbour

Fish-n-chips lunch

Hungry anyone!

A buddy at the Big Banana

Brunswick River

Local Beach at Bruns

checking out the locals trash

Our bargains… 575 more words

Great For Familes

The Little Things are Big Things

A few months ago, I was following a link online that was raising money for childhood cancers. In the description, millions of dollars were already raised in a matter of weeks, surpassing the end goal by far. 394 more words


June 23rd

It’s me again I haven’t posted at all because I haven’t been eating good or sticking to my plan. It’s so sad how much I love food I just can’t get myself to eat healthy. 79 more words

Big Things

Miniature Dominance

“Whatever you do Everyday matters more than what you do in a while.”

If I say you to list down the important things in life, what will be your blueprint? 401 more words

Berri Day! The Arrival of a new friend.

OH MY GOSH, TODAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Honestly this has totally been worth the all caps I used in that last sentence because it’s finally Wednesday, June 8th 2016. 813 more words

Dear Reader