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D-19: Large, Part Two

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Hello once again everyone, and welcome to the second part of our series on large things. Last time we discussed things which are very large: galaxy clusters and dark matter filaments. 961 more words

D-30: The Mirror

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Today we’re going to talk about a small galaxy called Messier 33, also known as M33, Triangulum or the Pinwheel (although this nickname is also used for M101.) Messier 33 is like our own Milky Way: a spiral galaxy full of young, hot stars. 748 more words

Afternoon Delights

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. —Robert Brault


The tropic of Chaos

15. IV 2016

Three years ago (in 2013), I came across an interesting book, 1913: Der Sommer des Jahrhunderts. The original (The Summer of the Century… 1,786 more words

Great article on another aspect of hypervigilence

Trauma Makes you Live in a Backwards World

Meanwhile, used to terror or violence, no big challenge ever seems big enough. You miss the warning signs of the big problems because you are focused on avoiding the small ones.

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Big and Small

We have it backwards.  Small things happen in Washington and Presidential Elections.

Big things happen every day in every store, school, church, and place of business.   95 more words

Day 126: Just another day in the office

Usual surf with Jai out the front this morning and then we had a bit of breakfast and a coffee when we came back in. It was a long weekend for the Queenslanders so the park had been pretty busy but they were all madly packing up to leave us by ourselves again. 209 more words