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There’s books, documentaries, tv shows, blog posts, news articles and various other media galore about being fat. Sometimes they dive into the issues, sometimes it’s surface fodder. 1,860 more words

Frothing At The Mouth


Skyline Investment Realty has some really exciting news coming…but, you’re going to have to wait until next week!  What could it be?  Well, here’s what we can tell you:  it’s not a pregnancy, it’s not a marriage, nor is it a trip around the world.   20 more words

BIG things

As we all know kids love BIG things, the bigger they are the better!

So I thought I’d try and create a giant crossword for the kids to do outside the library and… a scrabble board with velcro tiles for inside the library. 136 more words

Library Displays

Adventures in heterotopia: The things we left behind

25. IX 2016

Invention of a ship is invention of a shipwreck, invention of a plane is invention of a plane crash, and invention of nuclear energy is invention of a nuclear meltdown. 770 more words


What Big Things?

So, a while back I promised that big things were coming. And they are… for me.

For the Internet? Maybe not.

I have many projects that I would like to work on after I move. 246 more words


Seven Short Love Stories in Seven Days - #1: Tree

I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck on a hamster wheel with my writing, rehashing the same old topics. Then two things happened that gave me a little jolt. 849 more words


Quotes 9/19/16

Here’s to Monday after an amazing weekend!! Have a great week!!

Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

Robert Brault

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