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turmoil and clefts of peace

I’m well into biochemistry class, having just taken my first midterm. I went out to boba with two friends to celebrate. Even more amazing was the fact that we are on break for the Fourth of July until Monday, and we’re starting a new unit, so there isn’t much to cover over the holiday weekend. 529 more words


Coming Soon...

First of all, I want to give a big thank you to anyone who has followed this blog so far. There are just a few of you, but I promise you will enjoy what you see. 45 more words

First Meeting

25 potential soccer players for GRCFC attended the first meeting on Thursday, 25th of June. This marks an exciting time for all of us interested in a Men’s soccer team here on our campus! 133 more words


I’m honestly so distracted right now. I’m trying to do problems for my biochemistry class – it’s nice that class has started and I have two friends, plus a new one who sat with us on the first day. 512 more words


Appreciating Little Things

Why there are people can’t appreciate the little things you do for them? Why? Because it is just ‘little’? Not big deal because it is a small? 51 more words


Back to School...

Hey Friends, 

Pretty big news: I’ve returned to school. I have chosen to major in Modern Language so that I can work on becoming fluent in speaking Spanish. 257 more words