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Detroit: raped by liberalism

By Tom Quiner

It was a perfect summer evening.

A few family members, the “conservative wing of the family,” sat on my patio sipping wine. 422 more words


Detroit Rock Bottom City

All thriving cities are alike; every dying city is dead in its own way. Places like San Francisco, New York City and Austin may not have the same architecture or attractions, but they share an atmosphere—a feeling that what happens here matters. 1,159 more words

Social Justice

Car Execs Hold Extravagant Gala at Detroit Auto Show to Celebrate a Century of Screwing Up the World

DETROIT- The executives of all the major American and foreign automobile companies gathered last night in a ballroom at Cobo Center during Detroit’s “North American International Auto Show” along with their wives, husbands… 240 more words

Fake News

"The American Auto Industry is Back" - President Obama

Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012

“The American Auto Industry is Back” 

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the United Auto Workers Annual Conference to discuss the success of the American auto industry. 132 more words


Propping up failing U.S. auto companies with taxpayer funds is bad business

It’s not that I want to sound like an I-told-you-so, but I told you so.

When Detroit automakers started screaming last year about needing billions of dollars to keep them afloat, I knew that within a few months they’d need even more funds. 603 more words

No Room At the Trough

The lobbyists and politicians sure ain’t Christ.  There wasn’t room for him at the Inn on the night of His birth and there isn’t enough room for all those lobbyists and politicians at the trough of the Bailout bonanza.   1,292 more words


"If the kid next door jumped off a bridge, would you?"

Somebody named Stephen Collins, a lobbyist for the auto industry (his title is actually, “President, Automotive Trade Policy Council,” but I feel comfortable in calling him a lobbyist), wrote a… 588 more words