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Study: Teen #vaping leads to teen smoking

A new survey from high school students indicates that health officials have good reason to fear electronic cigarettes: Teens who said they had used the vaping devices were far more likely than their peers to try regular cigarettes over the next year. 197 more words

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Another shot at the #vaping fraud

Launched last week by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and Sen. Richard Pan, the Sacramento Democrat and pediatrician who last year took on the vaccine resisters, the proposed levy is best known for its bid to add $2 per pack to the state’s cigarette tax. 213 more words

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The fight against Big Tobacco is nowhere near over. In fact, it’s only just beginning. The tobacco industry is ridden with scandal, corruption and hypocrisy and Codentify is only the tip of the iceberg. 1,208 more words


Being FDA regulated will mean that the electronic cigarette industry will be safe, right?

Hey there, Dawn here and today we are going to chat about something I think needs a bit more attention. Recently I did a post on a new electronic cigarette regulation that cleared Congress. 1,255 more words

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Study: #Vaping just another #BigTobacco scam

Electronic cigarettes may not actually help smokers quit smoking cigarettes after all, according to a study released Thursday by UC San Francisco that is considered the largest to tackle the issue. 100 more words

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Big Tobacco Loses Legal Challenge To FDA Report On Menthol Cigarettes

A federal appeals court has stymied the tobacco industry’s attempt to challenge a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel report on the safety of menthol cigarettes. 758 more words

#Vaping the same as #smoking to Cali pols - bill would ban both on campus

Colleges students across California would need to stub out their cigarettes and ditch their vape pens under a bill before the Legislature.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, wants to make California’s public college campuses smoke-free zones. 94 more words

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