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The Impact of "Big Tobacco" on Emerging Markets

Smoking has always been a divisive subject. While in developed countries, health awareness, high taxes and advertisement restriction might have been the factors contributing for the decrease in number of cigarette sales, in emerging economies, tobacco companies seem to be cashing in more and more. 753 more words


First, the industry appeared to engage, promising high-quality research into the issue. The public were assured that the best people were on the case.

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The Meaning of Life [Part I]

Source: GreenMedInfo.com
Jonathan Latham Ph.D.
April 26, 2017

Originally published on IndependentScienceNews.org.

The Rockefeller Foundation had two strategies for management that were distinct but complementary: to control human behaviour at the level of social structures: family, work and emotions, which the Foundation referred to by names such as “psychobiology”; and to control human behaviour at the level of molecules. 4,906 more words


Pivoting Away from Lung Cancer

Felix Gillette, Jennifer Kaplan, and Sam Chambers report in Bloomberg Businessweek on Big Tobacco’s adaptation of the Silicon Valley playbook: sleek design, disruption, open-floor plan “innovation zones” with Eero Saarinen chairs, you name it. 80 more words


March Celebrations to Help You Quit Tobacco

There are plenty of days and ways to celebrate March.  Why is any of this important?  If you are quitting tobacco, you need some ideas to change up your routine, so get out your calendar and start filling it in. 459 more words