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NO! Its not smoke. Its Vapor!

Vapor is not smoke. Nothing is burning. Liquid is being heated into  vapor and then inhaled.

One of the biggest complaints against vaping is that it looks like smoke. 489 more words

Ecigs/electronic Cigarettes

E-cigs: Safe or Not?

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that may or may not look like a traditional cigarette.   Instead of igniting the tobacco-filled tube of a cigarette, users inhale a heated, flavored nicotine liquid vapor which is produced by means of a rechargeable battery inside the device. 685 more words


Big Tobacco Uses Big Brother Tactics

Tobacco company uses Freedom Of Information Act to acquire data on Australian youth.

The Australian government has fallen victim to its own Big Brother agenda. Thousands of Victorian school children and teenagers took part in a government funded survey which was used to gauge attitudes towards smoking and alcohol. 154 more words


FDA Regulation Of E-Cigarettes Would Only Help Big Tobacco, Say Vaping Startups

If you go into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, you might have a wide variety of smokes to choose from, but most of those brands are made by three or four huge tobacco companies. 355 more words