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Why the e-cigarette industry needs STANDARDS, not regulation

I noticed this piece in The Conversation yesterday (it also popped up on another, unrelated news site), and unlike the usual vaping related articles, it wasn’t penned by the… 1,103 more words


How Big Tobacco Targets the Mentally Ill

Want more proof that nothing is out of bounds for tobacco companies in carrying out their profitable mission to push “nicotine delivery systems” any way they can? 205 more words


Less addictive cigarettes or new products to keep Americans addicted?

Wouldn’t it be great if smokers could no longer become addicted to the nicotine in their cigarettes?  It could cause some to quit, but others would gravitate to lower-risk products. 489 more words


In Ads, Tobacco Companies Admit They Made Cigarettes More Addictive

The ads are more than a decade in the making. They’re the result of a 2006 judicial ruling in a lawsuit filed by the federal government that found that cigarette makers deliberately misled the public about the dangers of smoking. 46 more words


The tobacco industry is luring African farmers with bogus promises of prosperity

“We have more than 20,000 … small-scale farmers growing tobacco … the industry is critical in reducing poverty levels.”

Or so says an official with the Zambian Development Agency who we interviewed for our study on the political economy of trade, tobacco control and tobacco farming.

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UK inquiry confirms Big Tobacco's vaping dominance

A UK parliamentary inquiry into e-cigarettes has drawn out hundreds of pages of testimony from the tobacco industry – including British American Tobacco UK, Philip Morris Limited and Japan Tobacco International – confirming big tobacco’s solid activity in vaping markets. 601 more words