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'BIG Tobacco' giant Altria report better than expected profit, but for how long?

U.S. Tobacco giant Altria Group Inc. parent company of Philip Morris International Inc. reported better than expected earnings this morning. But, with a growing shift in the industry from traditional cigarettes to the e-cigarette, MO stock investors shouldn’t expect business as usual moving forward.  66 more words

What Are You Inhaling?

Eating cherry candy and consuming cherry-flavored drinks may be good, but using inhalation products like electronic cigarettes with cherry and other flavor chemicals, not so good, according to a new paper from Portland State University. 316 more words


Their Product Is Doubt--Deceptive Government Campaign Against Electronic Cigarettes

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Of the People, by the People, for the People

Our government is so convoluted, that the majority of Americans are oblivious to what goes on behind closed doors in government buildings from the U.S Capital to the smallest of city councils. 680 more words


Not Blowing Smoke | The Vapers Blog

If you vape, then you better read about what’s going on right now and get involved.

Not Blowing Smoke | via The Vapers Blog.


Not Blowing Smoke

Every single vaper reading this has an obligation to help fight ignorance by educating the masses. 

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