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2018 MOVIE WRAP UP #51-55

Eye in the Sky (2015) directed by Gavin Hood: I watched this film back in the cinema when it came out in early 2016 (at least in Australia it was early 2016) and I haven’t seen it since. 398 more words


Big Trouble in Little China 2: Lo Pan Discovers Internet Dating

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Starring Kurt Russell, Pre-Menopause Samantha

LAST SEEN: Lo Pan losing not 1, but 2 great loves.

OPENS WITH:  Lo Pan clacking away at the computer keys. 295 more words


Fear and loathing in Crypto-Land

What a day it has been for our favorite intangible assets (Commodities? Securities?).

I believe that today’s dip, or crash if we want to be more drastic, can be explained by a few factors. 759 more words


Between the Between Lines: Big Trouble In Little China

Between the Between Lines is an ongoing series of essays that analyze works that aren’t worth analyzing… until I do.

A group of men in monk shawls walk down an alley carrying a casket of an old friend. 1,249 more words

Will Dodds

Charlie's List Of Cruddy Movies That Everyone Loves!

Have you ever sat down, excited to watch a movie, until you realize…”Wow this movie absolutely sucks eggs.” but for some ungodly reason you can’t stop watching – the next thing you know, you own the DVD and you’re forcing your friends to suffer just as you had? 1,077 more words


Woo Long Talks Podcast Episode 34 - Rough Justice!

Howdy amigos!

We are back with another rambunctious podcast for yah ears!

On this week’s show,

we are talking the good, the bad and the meh of ‘Justice League’ Rich will be having a gay moment over the news of Jude Law joining the cast of ‘Captain Marvel’ & we carry out some fan casting for a remake of ‘Big Trouble In Little China’! 31 more words