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The Big "WHY"

Oftentime, in the business world, we’ll attend conferences about “how to be a better salesperson” (said in my deep gruff voice). One of the main questions they ask us to answer for ourselves is, “What is your BIG WHY?” What are the Top 3 Reasons you want to succeed at your business? 82 more words


I hear a lot of talk a lot about our passions, our potential, our big why. We get lost wondering if we are doing the right thing. 287 more words

Playoff Lessons

This year the NBA Finals brought me a very powerful AHA that I hope you found as well and it has nothing to do with the basketball. 483 more words


Fun With Fords

Hell hath no fury like Needles, California in June! Our Ford truck versus Needles and the 117 degree temperatures outside – we lost!

Carl took our poor little guy in to the Ford dealership this morning and didn’t get good news. 371 more words

Full-time RVer

Enjoy the ride!

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on my blog. It’s probably because I’ve been “gone.” I’ve been on a roller coaster called Life. You’ll see from my earlier posts that the reason we are… 209 more words

Full-time RVer

One Thing on Thursday: Beautify the World Around You

Dear friends,

I woke up this morning with the precise intention to write something inspirational for all those of us who hustle, who work endlessly on their dreams, who dare to create a better and brighter world. 245 more words

Heart To Heart

Shift of Ages - A Practical Summary

This a tool for sharing awakening. Consideration of even these few essential remarks will fill libraries. It is written to get a conversation going for those who may be new to a truthful big picture of this wonderful event unfolding now. 2,247 more words