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My big why

You can go from not wanting to get out of bed to eager to get of bed. All you need is a powerful shift. 237 more words


Girl Makes Plans

OK- it took a few days, but a little research has paid off.  I did what any newly motivated new years resolutioner would do in preparation for lifestyle change- I drank a lot of alcohol and ate cake.  1,221 more words


0.0 John Introduction

One of the books I read this summer discussed the training of the US Marines and other military branches on “the Big Why.”  Soldiers are trained to clearly understand, before anything else begins, their big why.  669 more words


My Big Why

​So one of the first tasks in the Nerd Fitness Academy is to find your Big Why. This is the motivation that keeps you going. It has to be powerful, and it has to be deep. 877 more words


Not an Ounce of Hope will Perish!

Those moments when you can’t understand where pain is coming from, basta may masakit but you can’t identify kung saan kasi maraming pwedeng panggalingan as to your condition… 292 more words

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I travel because...

This perfectly sums up why I travel and why I need to.

Why do you travel?


6 Ways to Uncover Your BIG WHY

When tackling a big change… it is CRUCIAL that you find your BIG WHY and help it align with who you are.

For most of us, even positive change can be very uncomfortable and many people stay stuck in painful patterns because they haven’t found a way to tie the changes they WANT to make to their values and who they are fundamentally. 890 more words

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