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Geng Maderazo, kabit ni Melvin Calata.

LUST, scandal, lies, adultery, bigamy, SIN Geng Maderazo and Melvin Calata Scandalous moments.


Section 493 IPC not attracted if ex-parte decree of divorce is set aside by a subsequent order

Supreme Court: In an interesting case that came before the Court where the respondent, after receiving an ex-parte decree of divorce, had continued to live with the appellant and then consequently marrying another woman, the bench of JS Khehar and SA Bobde, JJ was confronted with the question that whether the husband had committed offence under Sections 493 and 494 of the IPC. 215 more words

A Bigamist’s Daughter by Alice McDermott

A Bigamist’s Daughter
by Alice McDermott
Dell Publishing, 1982.
ISBN: 978-0312573492
290 p.p.

Half modern romance and half psychological portrait, McDermott’s A Bigamist’s Daughter explores the limitations and failed promises of the feminist movement and the weight of childhood baggage through eye-catching subject matter: bigamy and the inner workings of a vanity press. 744 more words


Mannequins & Bigamy

I don’t know how, I dont know why, but this one time I woke up near some bedouins. They had their sheepskin tents, camels parked outside them, staring right into my soul. 100 more words

The exposure of Edward IV's bigamy

We know from the resulting petition from the Three Estates that this followed the testimony of Robert Stillington, Bishop of Bath and Wells. So, if there was anything untoward about the process, how was this prelate rewarded by the new King? 279 more words

Prosecutors: "serial bride" tried to marry a man while still wed to 4 other guys

NEW YORK — A serial bride accused of trying to wed a man — her 10th groom in a little over 10 years — even though she hadn’t divorced all her previous husbands pleaded not guilty Friday in a Bronx courtroom, the county’s district attorney’s office said. 332 more words


The Bigamist

Released:  1953

Cast:  Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmond O’Brien, Edmund Gwenn

SUMMARY:  Harry Graham (Edmond O’Brien) and his wife Eve (Joan Fontaine) are trying to adopt a child.  762 more words

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