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Sunday Post

What’s motivated and inspired me this past week?

All about that Bass – Meghan Trainor: I struggle with self image issues and listening to this particular song always reminds me that it’s okay to just be myself, and not who society says I should be. 188 more words

Guardians 2

Guardians 2
Nc17, romance, action, sci fi
Krystal Jung, G Dragon, Top, Kim Woobin, Jessica Jung

No bacot, langsung aja dah-.-

Seseorang masuk ke dalam. Aku terdiam membeku. 3,592 more words



NC17, romance, action, sci fi
Kystal Jung, G Dragon, Top, Kim Woobin, Jessica Jung

Oioioioiiiiiiiii bawa ff lagi nih. Alurnya ribet dah. Oiya ini ngambil ceritanya ada yg nyontek ke the hunger games, divergent, sama latarnya the maze runner (pas dia ditemuin di hutan) baca aja dah menurut gua lumayan seru dan lumayan alay xD happy reading! 4,325 more words



‘What does it feel like?’ My beloved asked last night.
‘Mmmmm what it feels like?’
‘Yes. Describe it to me.’
‘Well, it’s amazing. Powerful. It’s energy, it is life. 43 more words


[Ficlet] Unpredictable Dating

Jiyeon ‘T-Ara’, TOP ‘Bigbang’, Joy ‘Red Velvet’
Drama, Friendship, a little Romance
Length: Ficlet
Rating: PG – 15

1,572 more words


(trans) BB talk @ welcoming collection continuation *too much GTOP feels*

OMG! GTOP really went all out during their talk in this Welcoming Collection DVD! first part here





look at GD’s smile when TOP said “I don’t have one” 66 more words

We Weren't Always Here: Part Two

Chapter 2


From billions to millions of years ago:

550 M yrs – first bony fish with spine, jaws and teeth

450 M yrs ago… 1,403 more words