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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf (And Series Review)

Episode Summary: Bigby finally finds The Crooked Man.  He is in Bigby’s grasp now.  Hs counterparts and everyone helping him are with him in his lair. 788 more words

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing and the Friendship or Rules Moment

Episode Summary: In the last fight with the Tweedles and Bloody Mary, Bigby Wolf transformed and was injured by a silver bullet. Dr. Swineheart, the Fabletown physician, helps get him straightened up and warns him that he cannot take another shot or he will die. 599 more words

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: The Crooked Mile and the To Kill or Not To Kill Moment

The Story: Picking up right where we left off in Smokes and Mirrors, Ichabod Crane has run away and we suspect him to have a very unhealthy obsession over Snow and possibly the man responsible for the death of the decapitated prostitutes. 481 more words

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors and the She's Alive Moment

Episode 2

The Story: Bigby is held in custody by the NYPD in questioning for the death of Snow, whose decapitated head was found at his apartment building. 507 more words

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At a Glance

Bigby is a male human wizard of Greyhawk, the crafter of several spells, and the author of Manual Powers Beyond Life. 182 more words


Pixelated Spotlight: Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf

There’s A Wolf At The Door

Bigby Wolf formally known as the Big Bad Wolf is sheriff of Fabletown, and a fable himself. He smokes the cheapest brand of cigarettes, and has the shortest temper of any fable in town. 362 more words