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Big Data - Introduction

This is the era of data or in other words we are living in the age of data. Now Data storages are very cheap and we have lot of easy techniques to capture the data. 417 more words


Maratón Inteligencia de Negocios 2015

¿Estas interesado en conocer más sobre #Bigdata #SQLServer2014 #Azure?

Entonces no te puedes perder el Maratón BI 2015 organizado por Alberto Rivera​ (@albertoSQL) y la Comunidad Intermezzo​ ( 107 more words


Big data SQL in action

Recently I have been engaged in implementing Oracle Big Data connector for customer we are helping.

Here is a preview of Big data SQL connector which can benefits from both Exadata smart scans and Hadoop massive palatalization…I will publish article in future and steps to implement BD SQL with Exadata and BDA appliance. 148 more words


SenecaGlobal plans to invest USD 5 million and create significant employment opportunity in India

Hyderabad, India, March 25th, 2015: SenecaGlobal, an information technology services company that services mid-market companies, plans to invest additional capital of USD 5 million over the next three years to support its business growth worldwide.  375 more words


Architecting BigData for Real Time Analytics

BigData is quite new, yet when we examine the common solutions and deployment practices it seems like we are going backwards in time. Manual processes, patches of glue logic and partial solutions, wasted resources and more … are we back in the 90’s? 1,557 more words

BigData Applications

Apache Oozie

In Hadoop some time a task require multiple jobs to combine in sequential or parallel manner to complete its goal. Within the Hadoop ecosystem, there is a new component… 1,036 more words


Trying out the cloudera stack..phew! finally!

If at all there is a competition between companies having the worst documentation, cloudera will bag it, hands down. They have terrible documentation(I guess thats the whole point! 258 more words