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This is how IoT is going to change your everyday life...

The world and everything around us is becoming smart day by day. How good would it be if your own car can sense when you’re about to exit the mall and drive up to you with heated seats and music playing, which if one of your favourites. 1,508 more words


Catch Up!

The supply chain discipline is young. As professionals in the field we are just now starting to learn from past mistakes and develop best practices. We are searching for innovative tools to help streamline processes, cut waste and increase visibility. 307 more words


Supply Chain Dynamics: What if... We Could Think Differently

Supply chain innovation means taking full advantage of best of breed technology and data algorithms that empower intelligent decision-making. The exchange of information, from inside and outside the organization, must be real time, autonomous and continuous. 902 more words


EMC/Dell, IBM, HP - Wake Up!

The Dell/EMC merger, IBM and co storage revenues decline, … Traditional IT vendors are under attack! What is going on? What’s the bigger picture? How can they recover? 1,180 more words


Big Data !!!! The Next Game Change For Your Business

Everyday, the business styles are changing and big data is going to be a major player in any business going forward.Big data has proved to be useful for large corporate organizations in outperforming their peers.Before starting of with the benefits of how big data will help you change your business,let me explain to you what big data is all about: It is some thing where large pools of data are being brought together and analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions to make better business decisions.The data mining process is to extract insight and information from a large data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further analysis and use it for decision making, strategy development and implementation. 1,149 more words


Machine Learning Use Cases in Real Life

The power to Think, Decide and Act based on situation, emotion and person is something that makes Human a very unique species in the ecosystem. 458 more words


Running sample Mahout Job on Hadoop Multinode cluster

This slideshare introduction is quite interresting. It explains how K-Means algorithm works.

(Credit to Subhas Kumar Ghosh)

One common problem with Hadoop, is the unexplained hang when running a sample job. 421 more words