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Week of 3/23/2015 in review

Most Demanded: Replacing Cassandra With DynamoDB

The top most searched for topic on this blog remains Replacing Cassandra with DynamoDB or something else for that matter. 990 more words


How to sort data faster in PDI

As anyone who follows my previous blogs will know I’ve been involved in a project recently involving billions of rows and where PDI is processing over a… 271 more words


Let's talk about the elephant in the room

If you know anything about the Big Data phenomenon called Hadoop (R) then you probably get that the reference in the title to “the elephant” is because Hadoop’s mascot is a… 476 more words


Big Data- Is it really all that bad?

In one of their blog posts last year, umbel.com  attempted to explain what Big Data really is, and in doing so offered simplistic, boiled down summaries of what “Big Data” means and how it gets used. 1,982 more words


Save yourself...Delete Facebook Now

In the article “Get your loved ones off Facebook” the author, Saintsal, thoroughly breaks down Facebook’s Term of Service and Privacy policy, and yes they are two completely different conditions you agree to! 302 more words


60 Minutes - The Data Brokers


Give this 60 Minutes segment a look.  It provides great insight into both data collection and the applications of that data.  Companies have created lists of individuals based off of health, gender, age, sexual orientation, and ability contacting shockingly complete dossiers.   27 more words


XRay - See How Your Data is Used

Columbia University researchers have developed XRay, software that shows how websites like Gmail, Amazon and Youtube use personal usage data.  The application tracks a user’s online interactions and then collects information on the targeted advertisements and other personalized content that a user experiences.   29 more words