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McKinsey & Company's podcast How advanced #analytics can drive #productivity #bigdata

Companies have more data than ever at their disposal, but are they doing enough with it? Taking full advantage requires tackling legal, regulatory, and talent challenges.To make data and analytics more than just buzzwords, companies need to think about whether they’re following best practices, hiring the best talent for their needs, and getting what they want from their data. 59 more words

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Hadoop Multiple Mappers

If you are a Hadoop developer, you would have coded Mappers, combiners and reducers to solve specific problems. But there are some cases where single mapper may not address all the problem which you are trying solve. 489 more words

ChatBot: A new era of analysis

In an era of big data, the performance of most artificial intelligence products boils down the size and quality of the data sets they have to work with. 1,289 more words

I bet you can't do this with your business insights tool. Followers. #analytics #bigdata

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If you truly want to #makebusinessgreatagain, it starts with productivity.  Labor Productivity numbers haven’t been this bad in 35 years… 247 more words

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Step to Step Hadoop and Hive Installation on Ubuntu - Part 2/2

In the last post, we installed and configured hadoop. In this post we will install hive.

Installing Hive

nims@dcenter:~$ sudo su hduser
nims@dcenter:~$ cd ~
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Development Practices

Step to Step Hadoop and Hive Installation on Ubuntu - Part 1/2

In this post, I will guide you through in installing single node Hadoop and then Hive on Ubuntu.
Login to your terminal with root or escalated privileges (sudo – super user do). 1,218 more words


Big Data Nedir?

Big data (büyük veri), yeni, gizemli ve korkutucu -çok, çok ürkütücü. Hayır bekleyin. Büyük veri sadece eski veri pazarlamacılarının hep kullanmış olduğu şeyin başka bir adıdır ve aslında büyütülecek bir şeyi yok, korkulacak değil, kucaklanacak bir şey. 669 more words

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