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STEAMING ahead in a Yr 1 classroom makerspace

STEAMING ahead in a Yr 1 classroom makerspace

Find out how a Year 1 teacher turned her classroom into a makerspace to integrate STEAM with her History unit of work. 208 more words

Big data analysis in people search, Really challenging

Nowadays, more and more people, from both industry and academy, are talking about big data. its popularity is like the fanaticism brought by MJ’s new album if he’s still alive. 481 more words


Hbase Setup in Ubuntu

Apache HBase is the Hadoop database, which is a distribute, sacalable, big data store. The following is some steps of configuring and using HBase as a new user guide. 379 more words


When is enough too much? Interpreting Marketing Research and SMstudy

Ever look out at the ocean on a cloudy day? The huge gray mass above stretches out to meet the darker gray mass below at a black line on the horizon? 871 more words

PolyBase: I now Pronounce you SQL and Hadoop

Are you interested in Hadoop? With SQL Server 2016 just around the corner, a powerful new feature is being included called PolyBase.  To summarize what it is, just think about it as a marriage between SQL Server and Hadoop.   1,619 more words


Selecting Points of Parity and Differentiation

Points of parity for a product are those characteristics of a company’s product that are not unique but are rather on par with competing products. Points of differentiation are those areas on which a company’s product outperforms competing products. 414 more words

Getting Started With Apache Spark....

Introduction to Spark:      

It is a framework for performing general data analytics on distributed computing cluster like Hadoop. It provides in memory computations for increase speed and data process over MapReduce. 1,261 more words