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Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea Review

Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai Tea is a winner in my book! This tea is actually a black tea, which is not caffeine-free. I love drinking it in the mornings, as it is usually fixed with some cream. 132 more words


Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

+ Residual thoughts, from seeing it in theaters, and then again a couple years later to make sure I knew what I saw (maybe it felt important at the time), and then some scattered scenes here and there + 1,668 more words

Just Tried Mint Medley Tea

I tried a new tea this morning and I just had to share it with you… BIGELOW’s Caffeine Free Mint Medley Tea is flavorful without any sugar added and it smells great to boot. 48 more words


Time to Steep #3

Steep Theme: Peppermint Tea
Sipping on: DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts Latte (Skim Milk)
Listening to: Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

My Story
I could not go much further into tea reviews without doing something on Peppermint Tea. 305 more words


Time to Steep #2

Steep Theme: Warm & Cozy
Sipping on: DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate w/ agave & Trader Joe’s Eggnog
Listening to: Only You by Kylie Minogue with James Corden (Original by Yazoo) 891 more words


Steeped In Tradition

And when I mean tradition, I really mean tradition.  An inspired pun for the blog title may have been intended.

Bigelow Tea is up there with one of the first teas that catapulted me into this passion of mine.   479 more words