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Maine 4000 Footers: The Bigelows

West Peak 4,145′, Avery Peak 4,086′
Road walk, Firewardens trail, AT (Out&Back)

Saturday was no picnic, in fact is was a downright nasty day of freezing rain and snow. 286 more words


Yum! Girl-Scout Goodness Without The Guilt

It’s that time of year! Girls clad in green, their smiling faces at your doorstep or outside the supermarket as impossible to resist as the packages they’re peddling. 323 more words


HEAR ME ROAR: Great films directed by women

Put it this way: the fact that we still need an International Women’s Day speaks volume on how far we truly are from gender equality. And yet, it seems fairly obvious that women are not only equal but even superior to men, if only for the fact that if it weren’t for them, we literally wouldn’t all be here (except for Joaquin Phoenix who was concocted in a Puerto Rican laboratory, of course.) 539 more words

I Feel Bad for Tea Bags

As I held my blue mug with buildings and statues spelling out NEW YORK in white letters around its base, I found myself mesmerized by the swiftness in which the recently added hot water attacked the tea bag, siphoning the flavor from the peppermint leaves trapped in a thin satchel, whose only lifeline was a single string attached to a small piece of paper marked BIGELOW and PEPPERMINT. 125 more words


Bigelow Tea has got Jack Black feeling smooth

Recently, well know funny man Jack Black spoke to the wonders of drinking tea.

“You know, you drink coffee in the morning to get those creative juices flowing, but tea is really the wonder that makes those gears quit crunching so you can sleep.” 79 more words


Cindi Bigelow, CEO of Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea, talks growing company

The Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea Company is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It all started when the founder of the company, Ruth Campbell Bigelow, came up with a black tea with orange rinds and spices that would ultimately be called “Constant Commitment.” On this edition of “Nyberg,” Ruth Campbell Bigelow’s granddaughter, and President and CEO of the company, Cindi Bigelow joins us. 35 more words