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Bi-gender and Transsexual Procedures

In a recent article in Newsweek[1], Borreli noted that sex change increased by 20 percent from 2015 to 2016 in the U.S., with more than 3,000 operations performed in 2017. 686 more words

Why I like labels

TW: Swearing

Hey there,

I, like many others, like using labels to describe my identity. I spent five years of my young life trying to figure out which label is closest to what I was feeling and am currently in a place where I found it. 228 more words


Well… I didn’t. I was confused back then about my gender and demeanour and followed the line of least resistance. But my younger sister dared; so much, that she got fired from school (I think she was fifteen then), then ran away from home and ended for a time where so many trans-girls do. 131 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting

Sometimes, lately, I have become tempted to go back to my usual former dressing style, more ambiguous and uncompromising (but not free of criticism by some). 150 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting

From Androgyny to Feminity

I am perfectly aware that breasts, and especially their size, have very little value –if any– as a mesure of femininity. But for me are an interesting bodily signal of my gender shift. 291 more words


Again, this outfit is meant for boys (like me) and girls (like me) and all genders between or outside the binary (like me).

It is really amazing how a simple touch of pink in the accessories –bag and foulard here– and some make-up in an otherwise basically masculine outfit like this will attract attention and raise doubts in many persons about your gender (if you are lean and neither very short nor very tall, many will even wonder about your genetic sex). 175 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting

Two-spirited look and a glass of whisky (in natural colours)

Since I have received some very sweet and heart-warming feedback about the last picture posted here, I feel like adding another one from the same sequence; now in its natural colours. 97 more words

Genderfluidity And Gender Shifting