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A Photographer Provides an Inside Look at the Stunning World of the Gender Non-Conforming

Genderbent is the product of photographer Dusti Cunningham, who was approached by trans activist Jacob Rostovsky to begin the series. 125 more words


JJ Levine's Queer Portraits

“JJ Levine is a Montreal-based artist working in intimate portraiture. Levine is currently enrolled in a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography program at Concordia University. 95 more words



Based in Boston and founded in 2011 by Sonny Oram, qwear.tumblr.com is a fashion blog dedicated to “people who transcend social norms through fashion performance and gender expression.” 58 more words


Welcome to My AgendA!

It’s hard to know exactly what shape this site will take before the first post has even come to fruition; but my hope is that it will become an a-/bi-/transgender/gender-fluid -friendly space with posts about clothing, fashion, design, accessories, and practical (or impractical?) tools for transition; intermixed with news stories, and social and political activism. 131 more words