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Somewhat approaching normal?

About 6 years ago I completely lost my mind. My business was failing, my relationship was failing, and I couldn’t even do simple things like go into the kitchen, watch the evening news, or enter the grocery store without hysterical panic attacks and/ or crying fits. 373 more words

Just be yourself

So I have an interview next week. Which is a big deal seeing how I haven’t had a job working for someone else since my big change. 184 more words

For the love of grey hair.

I keep it because I want it. I’ve earned my silver stripes.

Hair is a funny old thing isn’t it? Back when I was attempting to live as a girl everyone seemed to have an opinion on it. 706 more words

Don't you feel like you've given up?

I often ask myself this question since I made the decision to go for androgyny vs be read as a full on male.

When I first discovered the idea of being trans* I was pretty gung ho. 551 more words

Navigating sex and gender: A dictionary

Staff Writer

Many people confuse the concepts of sex and gender, thinking they are the same. They also think that there is only the gender binary, the classification of sex and gender into two distinct and opposite forms of masculinity and femininity. 436 more words

Sword And Shield

The Story of a Bigender Person

Thank you to a fellow blogger janitorqueer for posting this. This radio highlight introduces you to a person who identifies as bigender. Take a few moments and listen to their story:

Radiolab Presents: Invisibilia


A story about what it feels like to be bigender

The other day, my partner alerted me of a really cool podcast story, and we listened to it together (for her, she listened a 2nd time).  608 more words