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Mixed nuts

Today’s entry is sort of a mixed bag, as there’s lots floating around in my head, but, due to my current depressive cycle I can’t really verbalize it all too well. 926 more words

Continuation of Your Virtual Feminization and Domination Primer

You and Your Virtual FEMDOM: You Get What You Give

Feminization and Domination Experiences: Knowing What You Want

If you want it badly enough, I will make sure you get exactly what you want and need to feel you are a complete person – and remain true to every aspect of yourself, feminine and otherwise (whether you are simply a… 320 more words


“Can a Phone Mistress Truly Effectively Feminize and Dominate Me?”: An Introduction To Virtual Feminization

Does Virtual Feminization Actually Work?

Absolutely! …And I have almost a decade of success stories to support its efficacy and ability to benefit and change the lives of sissies, crossdressers, and a wide range of transgender (both transsexual and not) individuals for the better. 584 more words


A little bit about myself

Recently I have been confronted with difficulties of sozialisation. People, who I communicate with, rarely comprehend, who I am, and why I have chosen the way I live. 304 more words

Pride Parade Dilemma

This Saturday there is a Pride, and I am planning to go. But maybe not. It is also the March Against Monsanto. The dilemma is not to go to one or the other, as they are at different times, but the question is if I really want to go to the pride parade. 436 more words

Would you like to take a survey?

So to waste some extra time and make points towards exciting rewards I have started taking online surveys.

I used my boy name, and when it became obvious that I was living with another grown male, the questionnaire asked if I was gay. 600 more words

Dear Diary: Arc Obama ...

Johnny Barrie April 2015

All my gay friends love Obama, so it makes me feel guilty that I don’t. But he is kinda ruining the world for all other people, isn’t he? 119 more words