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Memahami Genderfluids dalam Doki-Doki Bedroom

Beberapa waktu lalu, Twitter sempat heboh dengan artikel bertema genderfluid di laman Vogue yang melibatkan Gigi Hadid dan kekasihnya, Zayn Malik, dalam wawancaranya. Sebagai pendukung gender fluid, dengan semangat Hadid mengatakan, “It’s not about gender. 137 more words


Is being transgender a blessing or is it a curse? 

For me, being transgender has the advantage of getting to experience both of the “binary sides” of gender. That’s great for me because I’m somewhere in the middle of the transgender spectrum. 1,613 more words

Transgender Girl

I think I might be bigender 

I think most people think that being transgender means that you want to be the opposite sex. I get asked a fair bit if I’m going to transition. 391 more words

Transgender Girl

Bisexuality and the Virtue of Desire

Aristotle understood that action depends on thought plus desire and that reason and thought by themselves can achieve nothing (Nichomachachean Ethics, 1139a). He goes on to describe desire as the engine for directing “the right thought” which is the basis of higher thinking. 1,027 more words

Can a Person Assigned Male at Birth Develop a Convincing Female Voice?

Andrea James is an actor, teacher, voice coach, producer, director, and transgender activist. If you’ve seen the film Transamerica, starring Felicity Huffman, you may recognize her from the opening scene, where the main character is working on her voice with a voice instruction video. 810 more words


The Bi-gender Flag

Until I dove into being bi-gender, I’d never realized that different romantic orientations and gender identities had their own flags. It also never occurred to me why you’d  286 more words