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More baby steps

So I have put out tenuous tendrils that will hopefully sprout into a flourishing friendship with another person from one of my classes.

Yesterday evening, emboldened by a couple beers I took the plunge and sent them a friend’s request on everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure: Facebook. 165 more words

Bonefide crazy

It’s a miracle sometimes that I don’t just start yelling obscenities in class.

See a twitchy class period where I not only got to overhear a conversation about (I assumed) a transwoman and one of the contributors repeatedly saying “It’s still a HE.” To another conversation that started with “Dude, we totally have a bonefide crazy person in my class.” 233 more words

March musings...

So Jeremy hasn’t been to school since last Monday. Zie¬†was supposed to have counselling on Tuesday but was too anxious to leave, which turned okay because zir counselor was sick and had just left for home. 431 more words



“Mom? I can’t do it. Please don’t make me go to school tomorrow.”

Jeremy looked up at me from zir bed, where zie lay cocooned in blankets; eyes wide and body tense. 563 more words


March Teacher Guest Blog

This post begins the monthly guest education blogger. I want to thank this blogger for their awareness and dedication to integrating diversity in student identities to their conversations in science class. 722 more words


Girl mode

This past week has been a stressful one. Expirience loss for the first time since High School. I felt like I was dying to be honest. 213 more words



So my new way of life has had its ups and downs, and lots of in betweens. Despite this I wouldn’t change anything about who I have ‘grown up’ to be. 979 more words