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Mindsight, and the "Self" Function of the Mind

According to Daniel J. Siegel in his book The Developing Mind, there are two ways of thinking. I think there are three. He concludes that the self is created by the neural activities of the right hemisphere of the brain. 920 more words

Self-Actualization, Sex, and the Virtues

We have come to the end on our study of the virtues, and we have developed our body, mind, and soul to the point that we can truly say that we are on the path to self-actualization. 1,129 more words

Bisexual Men

Gender Dysphoria

So I’ve always said that I don’t have gender dysphoria. I mean I love being a boy….just not all the time….like today. I’m not sure why, but I really didn’t want to de-girl at the end of the work day. 318 more words

Transgender Girl

Dear, old friends

We all have old friends. And often we wonder how they will react to our “changes”. Not that they’re really changes, it’s more like our being authentic, and true to ourselves. 210 more words

Transgender Girl

Am I a girl? Or do I do girl?

I know I want to say, “Yes. I’m a girl.” but is that true? Or do I just “do girl”? And I know it’s more complex than that because I think I’m bigender. 441 more words

Transgender Girl

Getting the right wig

I’m on the bus this morning headed towards the city. But I’m only passing through on my way to Chiquel. I’ve had my wigs now for eight months or so and I thought I would get Tanè to have a look at them to see how they are going. 655 more words

Transgender Girl

Are there two of me? 

So I caught up with one of my old friends at lunch the other day. And she asked if I felt like I was two people? 851 more words

Transgender Girl