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It's all about saying "Yes"

Actress, comedian, producer and writer Tina Fey says that “The first rule of improvisation is AGREE”, basically meaning that if you get on board and go with whatever your comedy partner is doing you’ll help them, make the routine funnier and get the audience laughing. 601 more words


My dog is Bigender: a lesson learned from an animal who just does his own thing

My dog, lets call him Jeff for anonymity’s sake, has a bit of gender confusion. I would guess that this is due to certain bits of his anatomy having been excised during his pre-adolescent months, thus interrupting his hormones and disallowing him to develop normal male traits. 289 more words

Bisexuality –Gender or Sexuality?

I am a bisexual – I did not choose it, I was born with it. I do not even really have a choice on whether I will be attracted to a male or a female. 997 more words


My wife writes a lot and she is currently taking part in  a poetry challenge. She wrote one poem which really touched me and I wanted to share it with you. 119 more words


A confusing few days

I was talking to my wife recently and she asked me how I could tell whether it’s him or her coming forward. I normally feel in the morning very strongly which way it’s going to go. 397 more words


And so it came to pass....

So after years of struggling, hiding, deceiving, lying, and avoiding I’ve finally accepted  that I am genderfluid. I identify with both male and female gender even-though I was born male. 651 more words