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Bigender vs. Transgender: My Thoughts

These are purely my personal thoughts between the two based on my experience of transitioning. This should not be taken too seriously, but it is a serious matter. 407 more words

11 questions that bipolar, bisexual, bigender people are sick of being asked.

We are very special and as an entire group of special individuals (and I speak generalistically for us all here) we have some specific things we are FED UP of being asked by other people who are not bi-cubed. 444 more words


Life Discovery

There has been something that has been causing great stress and was an identity struggle. So here goes my second coming out.

I think this is a long time coming, due to the fact that I have always perceived myself in a more masculine way. 248 more words

Life with Jeremy (second edition)...

I just got a notification on my phone, a finger with a string around it. I don’t know how to make notifications so it wasn’t from me. 432 more words


How to make my block list...

… aka why school based sexual education for children is so important.

These comments happened in the middle of a discussion about Ontario’s new sexual education curriculum, during which poster #1 and #2 argued they could teach their children just fine at home, thanks. 234 more words


I Will Rock My Mysterious Gender

They say shampoo determines your gender…But, what if I use for example Clear for men, would that make me a man? Actually, for a few weeks I decided not to consume any chemicals so I just didn’t use any shampoo. 425 more words