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Lost in Translation

Following on from yesterday’s blog I finally bit the bullet and sent the dreaded email to mum. I included the Ruby Rose video Break Free as I love the visual of that. 1,208 more words



My mum is a very mumsy mum. We’ve always had a very close but very explosive relationship. My mum has a very strong view of the “how the world should work” and although she will verbally express to me that I can be whoever I want to be as longĀ as I am happy (and I am 100% sure she means that), at the same time he rulebook for social interaction is rather extensive. 631 more words


To Pee or not to Pee

!Warning! This is quite descriptive. Trigger warning and talk of toilets and genitals!

Potty talk. Not the greatest subject in the world, but let’s face it, we all have to do it and for a trans person it’s a pretty big deal. 1,421 more words


Are You a Boy or Girl? No: Living Outside the Gender Binary

By Emmie Matsuno (Counseling Psychology doctoral student, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Transgender people are 25 times more likely to make a suicide attempt than the general population. 788 more words


Guess who?

Recently my girlfriend told her mother about my “situation”. One of the questions that came up was – how do I know? I.e. how do I know whether it is your partner’s female side or male side I am talking to. 1,217 more words


An Unexpected Discovery

Of course like most people I had heard of the transgender before. But until last year that was not a term that I felt was applicable to me. 1,152 more words



I started a blog post a few times before, but as an author I have tied to over complicate it, over-clever it. And really it does not need any of that. 425 more words