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A video run-at-the-mouth on the one thing debunkers and believers have in common: contrary to what they say, neither have a hold on reality. With evidence.

Jeremy Vaeni

The Untold Limits of Science In "Alien Abduction"

The sciences are all about repeatability and categorization.¬†This is how scientists come to know the world. But if there is an independent (or interdependent) intelligence behind so-called “alien abductions” and associated phenomena, two¬†things and only two things are clear about it: It doesn’t care what we call it. 989 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

New Bigfoot Movie - Stomping Ground

You all know how much I like to get my squatch on. I’m always on the lookout for new flicks about Bigfoot…and aliens. Well, here’s one that hits DVD and VOD on March 8th. 314 more words

Hunter Shea