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New Questions on the Medoc Mountain Print

We keep receiving reports of sighting in our area. All of the sighting detail a bipedal, hairy creature, partially hunched. However some of the reports differentiate from a “typical” bigfoot sighting, if there can be such a thing. 335 more words

Local North Carolina Cryptids

Who Wants To Build A Bigfoot?

I just got this ‘Mail a Bigfoot’ postcard with my delivery of squatchy goods from the International Cryptozoology Museum. You can cut out the… 110 more words

Hunter Shea

If You Love #Bigfoot, Please Support The International Cryptozoology Museum

It’s the heart of winter here in the north east, judging by the snow and preponderance of heavy jackets and wool hats. One of my favorite places in the world is the… 237 more words

Hunter Shea

Bigfoot doesn't exist, idiot.

Bigfoot is bullshit. There was a time when I was really sold on the idea of its existence.  As time wore on and I reached adulthood, I realized that the lack of evidence meant bigfoot is a hoax. 250 more words


Exists (2014) Review!!

Synopsis – A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.

My Take – 520 more words


Are Bigfeet Nephilim - Is Bigfoot Nephilim?

I just read a blog entry which claims that bigfeet are not Nephilim because Nephilim weren’t hairy. Where does the Bible say that? No where. In fact it’s known that at least one famous person in the Bible was very hair, like a fur covered animal, Esau. 465 more words