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Plant Bigger Picture Moments ~ Featuring May

Our theme for April is PLANT. Whether we’re celebrating the arrival of spring in the evidence of plants all around us, placing something in the ground so it can grow, planting ideas, or planting ourselves, in April we will spend time ruminating on the growth of great things from small beginnings. 122 more words

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Bigger Picture Moments with 5 for 5

Every week we ask you to write your life out loud and capture those simple everyday moments that make up the bigger picture of your life.   117 more words

Bigger Picture Moments

On Hope and Being Hopeful

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments, a weekly writing meme where we breathe in the moments that paint a picture of the grander scheme. All moments are welcome in this space — small or large, as community is just as important as the grander awareness brought on by searching for a bigger picture every week. 665 more words


Introduction to Bigger Picture Moments

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments, a place where we step back and take in life. There are moments where we’re so caught up in it all, the hectic mind boggling pace of the day. 215 more words