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Letter #14

I’ll always be there,
Front row,
Cheering you on.

And afterwards I’ll express my thoughts,
And hopefully you’ll see my pride shining through.

Because I’ve known for the longest time: 16 more words

21st July 2007!!!

8 years ago on 20th July I was sitting with a book in my hand not just trying to read but memorise. But I just couldn’t concentrate on the genetics paper I had tomorrow, because it was onla trivial little thing in life compared to what was going to happen to the world in the morning. 544 more words

Reminiscing Night Part 7

Taking you back to the last few weeks of my high school senior year. For our physical education, we had ballroom. UnFortunately, I was exempted from it due to my neglected knee injury. 78 more words


Happy Mother's Day

For my Mom who continues to be my support system, my biggest fan, and my best friend every single day. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there! 30 more words


Musings #14: One-Liner Wednesday

Mr. Stephen The King, “Your freaky books have been creeping me out and giving me nightmares since 1983.    Thank you!  Oh, I also my daughter was born on  your birth day due to some fortuitous cosmic alignment, so even the Universe knows I’m a really big fan!” 9 more words


Essence - Rock Out!!

Hi everyone!

Today I have a recently released collection by Essence to show you, Rock Out!!

Here’s what Essence says about this new trend edition collection: 455 more words