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Fans. Not appliances to keep ourselves cool. I mean admirers, fanatics, devotees, enthusiasts, groupies. For many of us our fanbase (if you can call it that) consists of family members, friends and loved ones. 626 more words

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Are they your biggest fan? The importance of having the support of your partner.

When you’re in a serious and committed relationship you become a unit. You work as a team and through good and bad you stick together in order to survive in your relationship. 1,322 more words


I am Your Biggest Fan

Sometimes your boyfriend turns to you with a smile
And you’re struck again by one of these little lightning flashes
Between your sweet little faces. 361 more words



Tip #7: Be Supportive (1 Tim. 3:14-15)

“Whooooo-hooooo! Goooooo Chargers!” Such were the cries coming from the sidelines at a volleyball match. You would’ve thought this guy had never been to a sports game before. 650 more words


baby, i'm your biggest fan

You never even noticed, took a while for me to see. now i’m playing back the moments, and i’m starting to believe; that you can be at the show and know everyone but it’s you that makes me sing.
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My Biggest Collection!

Dean Koontz

Thats right! Mr. Dean Koontz is the one author that has been apart of my life since I was about 10. My sister had a copy of  463 more words

Letter #14

I’ll always be there,
Front row,
Cheering you on.

And afterwards I’ll express my thoughts,
And hopefully you’ll see my pride shining through.

Because I’ve known for the longest time: 16 more words