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Data, Glorious Data

Yes, I’m a data nerd. I’m not even a little bit sorry about it. I mean, how else do you know how you’re doing? Huh?  Huh??? 227 more words

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Why You Shouldn't Watch The Biggest Loser 

This list of points are so good, I just had to repost them:

This quote is from fooducate.com

1. The Biggest Loser shames its participants as if they are lazy. 208 more words

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In Search of Motivation

At this time I’m focused on losing weight for the Biggest Loser competition happening at work. Since being eliminated means that we would lose our coach, I suggested having weekly challenges so that there’s something else to look forward to after being eliminated. 167 more words

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First Results

At the end of week two in our Biggest Loser challenge we had our first weigh in. Some have decided that they wanted to wait until the very end and only weigh in at the final weigh in. 201 more words

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Back to back workouts and dieting sucks!

Getting my hair colored was vastly more important that my regularly scheduled Monday training appointment, I ended up rescheduling for 8 a.m. Tuesday.  I was reminded that I actually prefer to work out at 8 a.m. 550 more words

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The Looming Wall

Did somebody build a wall? Because I think I just ran into it. Hit it. BAM! Like a ton of bricks!

I don’t know the last time that I have been this dedicated to my workout plan. 558 more words

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You've Got Nothing But Bones on You... Seriously?

I joined the biggest loser at work because, well… I wanted to be healthier, and I wanted to win. When I tell others, they let me in on a huge secret, “You don’t have much to lose, you know?” Really?  402 more words

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