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Ecto, Endo and Meso...what??

What kind of body type am I and how should I eat?? 

I was thinking yesterday that it would be good to know what foods affect my body negatively and positively. 41 more words

Home Chef review 

I just ate the Thai coconut yellow curry rice bowl, delicious!! The meals with Home Chef were all great! Very easy to cook since they provided a step by step process. 77 more words

Rest day..mostly

I was headed out for a late cardio workout and thought I had till 11pm, nope! Gym closes at 10pm on Friday’s, who knew?! Rookie over here.   21 more words

Home Chef!!

Just got the Home Chef order! Didn’t arrive till almost 5pm. I was hoping to make one of the meals for lunch. ​Below is the unpacking of the box. 28 more words

Goals...I'll bite.

People are asking what’s my end all goal. Not too sure I want to focus on that. I mean I’d love to be 185 again sporting a six pack, but not sure if that realistic. 46 more words

Healthy flavor! Thanks Mrs Dash!

My mantra when it comes to food is, as long as it’s flavorful, I’m good! I know some of you are really diehard when it comes to healthy eating and the flavor is cut for convenience and efficiency. 53 more words