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I'm an MVP!

Humblebrag, my Saturday morning class loves me. Or at least they liked me enough to nominate me as this quarters MVP. I can’t express how shocked and humbled I am by this. 103 more words

Biggest Loser

I'm a medium-fat person and I'd maybe go on The Biggest Loser

Last year this American Life* put out an amazing podcast about women’s bodies, for which Ira Glass interviewed the author Roxanne Gay.

Roxanne said, almost immediately, something that summed up my feelings on my place in the world so completely my heart literally skipped a beat, maybe. 1,461 more words


Tough week, positivity

That dieting thing is up and it’s down. Something I’m coming to terms with, I will never have a good diet. They say this kind of change requires dedication, control, and time. 326 more words

Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Contestant Under Fire For Not Being Heavy Enough

Great, The Biggest Loser is back on TV:  I love the show, it always gives me something to blog about (LOL).  However, I must say it did not watch the first episode last Wednesday night BUT I did read the controversy in the news the next day about the contestant who is apparently ‘too light’ to be on the show.   407 more words

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You call that a diet?

I hold nothing back when it comes to what is the hardest part of this whole biggest loser thing: diet. My diet is bad. Bad is not a strong enough adjective. 680 more words

Biggest Loser

To Give Up

One of my colleagues who is part of our biggest loser competition popped into my office on Friday and asked, “Do we have weekly numbers yet?” We didn’t. 772 more words

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I'm still here

I’m back, it’s been a little while since my last blog. Life has seemed to smack me right in the face. Between longer work hours and a lot more pain, it’s been tough. 209 more words

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