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Hello. I am a headhunter calling from....

Research shows, on average, a BigLaw partner is head hunted 2000 a week. Ok, that is an exaggeration but I am sure to some it feels like that. 774 more words

The opposite of networking is not working

One thing I learnt when I was a trainee solicitor was that most in the profession are useless at networking and business development. I realised many were academically and professionally brilliant but when it came to the softer skills they were lacking. 720 more words

Do you do in-house moves?

I must admit – I hate this question. GSL don’t have an in-house recruitment function and while it is on the agenda I struggle to find the right team. 666 more words

Salaried Partner: Curse or Blessing?

Achieving partnership is a special moment in a lawyer’s career. After years of long nights, difficult deals and office politics you are now almost at the top of your profession. 634 more words

All By Myself

Isolation is a popular topic with my lawyer clients. There are so many varieties of biglaw loneliness I hardly know where to start explicating the phenomenon. 1,924 more words

Thoughts And Musings

Reflections & Book Update on Nuts

One of my friends reminded me yesterday that The Almshouse is approaching its one-year anniversary.

I must say, I’m proud of the little book. Though it dipped in rankings, the book held out its own since early February 2016. 625 more words