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Reflections & Book Update on Nuts

One of my friends reminded me yesterday that The Almshouse is approaching its one-year anniversary.

I must say, I’m proud of the little book. Though it dipped in rankings, the book held out its own since early February 2016. 625 more words

Why I'm A NEET, for Now

I have a confession to make. I’m a NEET. That’s right. A “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”. Unlike most, it’s a choice I made, that I will soon have to go back on. 972 more words


Is this the future of biglaw?

Consider the following hypothetical scenario. Litigation is initiated between two large companies. Inside and outside counsel for each, respectively, discuss which documents to review. Using cloud software, the litigants then make accessible their documents to outside counsel via the web, free of junk and unrelated documents. 264 more words


Big Law Before Fame

This video highlights folks who were in Big Law before pursuing other interests.

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On Love

There has been so much happening lately that I haven’t sat down to write in quite a while. Like many people, I’ve been discouraged by recent events: shootings, racial inequality, terrorist attacks, politics, … 1,333 more words


Why BigLaw Associates Should Be Terrified Of New Salary Raises

More money for the same job is always good. Or is it?

On June 6, 2016, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, one of the most venerable law firms in the country and the “Big” in BigLaw, announced that it was raising first year associate salaries to $180,000 a year, while at the more senior end, eighth-year associates would now earn $315,000. 1,121 more words


On June 17, Noam Scheiber’s article, “An Expensive Law Degree and No Place to Use It,” appeared in The New York Times. He focused on individual human tragedies resulting from the legal education bubble. 975 more words

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