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Shall we begin recording?

Mike DeBlis is an exhilarating interviewer. After chatting away merrily for nearly an hour, delving down into the issues in a refreshingly honest and unvarnished manner, he surprised me by nonchalantly announcing:  “Will, this is great.”  I, of course, enthusiastically agreed.   274 more words

Thoughts And Musings

Giving & Getting Helpful Feedback

I recently attended a presentation from a consultant hired by my law firm to prepare both the partners and associates for our annual reviews, and something he said resonated with me.  336 more words


Ask For Time

If you don’t think you’ll be able to finish a task by a certain deadline, ask for more time. (This is assuming that the deadline is a soft deadline, not a court filing date.) When I give assignments to juniors, I usually set some sort of soft deadline — mostly to make sure that they actually work on it instead of pushing it to the side. 108 more words


What I've Been Reading: Second Half of October Edition

Back when I was a law librarian people would ask me for a book about being a lawyer. I’d steer them to One L, the now-classic on Harvard Law School. 1,268 more words

Learn to Write: Research Emails

For simpler research questions, you will be asked to write a research email rather than a memo.  “Whew,” you’ll think. “No need for intros or headings or citations or any of that nonsense.”   163 more words


Everyone Screws Up

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, because you definitely, definitely will make at least a few.  You’ll make at least one big one that will get submitted to the court or client and cause the firm a certain amount of embarrassment.   81 more words


Back Up Your Research

Sometimes a partner or senior associate will need a quick answer to a question, i.e. When is our response to the plaintiff’s motion due? or, What happens to our trial date if the opposing party decides to file an interlocutory appeal?   150 more words