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Erodoğan and Netanyahu Declare War | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

While some stuff in this report is easily verifiable and I have done so, some of the claims are harder to prove and seem to me speculative.     302 more words


08.02.15 Against the local Tea Party (for a plastic bag ban)

Recently, my city councilman, Jarrett Smith, introduced a bill to ban plastic bag distribution by businesses in our fair little city. I hardly need to mention the environmental benefits of such a ban and the inevitable opposition by big business (the chemical industry). 635 more words

Montgomery County

What Does Islam Say About Being Gay? - The New York Times

What Does Islam Say About Being Gay? – The New York Times.

This author shows the work we have to do world wide, in all religions, to help our oppressed brothers and sisters.   163 more words



Spirit of Division

Words like, “hate,” “racist,” an “bigot,” are getting a lot of play these days. Everyone is “offended” about something. How did this happen in America, the melting pot of the world? 270 more words



If you are advocating
The eliminating of humans
Assuming they are less
Than the mess you are, then
You are, by far, among the worst, 186 more words