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Where in the hell have I been???? And yes, I have a book rec!

So, life has been a little busy. To say the very least.

I quit my dayhome after 12 years and took a job as a cashier at a local grocery store and after 6 months, some foolish person made me the Front End Manager (sorry boss, you’re awesome) and it feels like I’ve been running in circles ever since. 569 more words

Cindy Sutherland

I Have a Dream

When I was growing up, we lived in an ethnically diverse neighborhood. The Higashis lived next door, the Kitaharas and Wongs lived around the corner. Maria Elena Rivera, Eleanor Rodriguez and Lori Hartunian were in my Girl Scout troop. 2,465 more words

Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk, Held in Contempt and Ordered to Jail   

It’s people like Kim Davis who speak with their “Made up Gods” voice who should be sent to prison and the key thrown away. They are scary, stupid, destructive people who have used and will always use religion as an excuse for their hatred and bigotry. 65 more words


Climate Change, Creationism and Science!

So I had one of my biology courses yesterday and my professor decided to start with a pointless review of what science is.  A few minutes into it I discovered it was just a way for him to bash on people that disagree with the left’s agenda.  823 more words


The Cleaner Fish and the Dust Mite

What have I done

My ugly skin did not kill

Your friend, you say, was a goldfish worthy

Of all praise

Before the cat got her… 226 more words


"The Roots Of Political Correctness": Those Complaining Are Suggesting They Want Freedom To Say Obnoxious Hateful Things

It seems that one of the issues that unites almost all the Republican candidates who are running for president is disgust with the idea of political correctness. 410 more words