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Facing Change

In awe, as a writer, poet, thinker, depth diver…I wonder…

‘How did we get here?’

Some of us so far in the minority.  It takes a ladder to stand up to the wind. 

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Hiram Bigot Jr.

Hiram Bigot Jr.

Hiram Bigot Junior
likes to drink water
direct from the spigot
on the front wall of his house,
he hasn’t had to connect a hose to that darn spigot… 172 more words




“Honestly though what I ALSO don’t get is that the issue seems to be that the evil women are fetishizing mlm due to yaoi being unrealistic and usually full of “”””gross”””” stuff like turning straights and dub-con and even non-con but like…have these lil bitches read fucking gay erotic literature or even watched a gay porno?

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Weasel Words and Nonsense

Once upon a time, long ago when I was young, Bishops were wise men of learning and Vicars and Rectors knew a fair bit of Theology. 657 more words

“Russia Insider” Goes Goebbels: Debunking Charles Bausman’s Warped Vision of Russian Reality

The Hard Right sorts who started Russia Insider are like the “creeps outside”… what’s sad is that many of them have attached themselves to the Orthodox Church. 1,463 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm

They Were Forced To Come      14 more words