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Another Niqab Update: Good News!

I updated a previous post about the niqab on Friday October 2 and I have a further update. Good news this time!

The Federal Court of Appeal refused to grant a stay while Harper appeals the ruling that Zunera Ishaq can wear her niqab in her citizenship ceremony. 112 more words

Election 42

Harper Makes Us Less Safe: An Update

If you remember “Your Tax Dollars at Work” from Friday, I argued that Harper is making us less safe both individually and collectively with his Islamophobic rhetoric.  293 more words

Election 42

Benevolent Sexism as Pseudo-Privilege

Excellent article on the subject.

In the case of “women and children first,” however, the arrangement was not created because men were seen as less valuable.

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Africa and Bigotry

I can’t believe it’s October already. Yesterday I walked the Pup for my first long walk since faceplanting into a tree root, and I sniffled the entire way. 726 more words

More News You Will Not Hear

I do enjoy finding news that is sadly overlooked and then post it and see where it goes…..and that is an exercise in futility.

You see people have made their minds up, something I would not expect from a society that prides itself on its free thought declaration, and NO amount of stats or news or anything will change that little mind…..once they get a thought then it is set in stone….. 323 more words


Why Harper Must Go: Marijuana Policy

Not many people know this, but our drug policy on marijuana was heavily influenced by racism.

To understand how we ended up here, it is important to go back to what was happening in the United States in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution.

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