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Prayer to the Fucker In the Sky

God don’t let me be a gay,
I swear I’ll play along and like women,
And never fuck dudes

You can’t be that vengeful,
Pastor Hibbert said Elton John would burn, 41 more words


A Teenage Prayer #1

God I wish,
For that thing called eternal bliss,
Fate sealing that bliss with a kiss

I wish I knew whether I liked boys or girls, 153 more words


After The Fall

Robert Reich recalls a phone conversation he had with a friend who predicts a Clinton victory in November — and a majority of Democrats in the Senate (though not the House). 503 more words


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This has been an especially toxic, divisive election year. I have thought a lot about ... what next. I am 99% confident that our next president will be Hillary Clinton, but I have to wonder ... will that be the end of the hate speech that is so prevalent today? It is hard to imagine that Trump will simply slink back into his dark cave and never be heard from again (though one can always hope). Blogger-friend Hugh wrote an excellent post on just this topic, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I ask you to take a minute and read his post, drop in and leave a comment ... or two!

Sarah Palin Pretends to Respect Blacks in America, While Promoting Racism

It’s no secret that Sarah Palin is a racist.   Her recent Facebook Post simply confirms her bigotry.  For two days we have been waiting for Sarah Palin to provide her thoughts…or ramblings…on the debate performances of Donald and Hillary.   920 more words

Critiquing the Criticisms of the 'Regressive Left'

Lefties are often criticised for being regressive. I’m going to address the most common criticisms against us so-called ‘regressive lefties’: (1) that lefties are ‘against’ freedom of speech in that they tolerate views that conform with progressive thought but shun, ban and label those to voice non-conformist thought; (2) that lefties silence opposition; (3)that lefties are actually the racists and bigots of society, in that they preach inclusivity but give special treatment to certain groups in society such as women and ethnic minorities, thereby discriminating on the basis of race or gender rather than an individual’s merit, character and quality of ideas, and lastly that; (4) meritocracy is better than affirmative action. 1,338 more words


"Words" are ours, "Saz" is ours!

Lyric of the song with Eanglish translation:

It’s name is stringed instrument.
It neither listens verse nor muslim judge,
The one who plays it, would understand. 289 more words

Earth Life