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If intimidation is motivated by prejudice or bigotry, the severity of hate crime is ignored. I am with you in solidarity, and I would like to command you for your courage to challenge Gallaudet University administration to remind any kind of bias-related including hate crime.

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Hindu nationalists, led by Narendra Modi, crack down on religious liberty

This was reported by the Daily Signal.


In a sad development, the government of India is clamping down on religious liberty, and impoverished children stand to lose the most.

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When Trump's Trolls Attack

You know tonight I was attempting to clean up my social media earlier and I came across a ‘dox’ page online containing my information. For a few months I had forgotten the hell that these Trump trolls put me though. 1,353 more words

Is the Mainstream Media Racist?

Guilt by association is valid. The fact the billionaire Robert Mercer, who supports both Breitbart and Trump, Steve Bannon, a proud member of ‘alt-right,’ and Jeff Sessions are white supremacists offers proof that Trump joins their distorted and vile beliefs. 289 more words

Amending the Racial Discrimination Act: Making bigotry great again!

The unpopular proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act are likely to fail, just like the Turnbull Government.

Source: Amending the Racial Discrimination Act: Making bigotry great again!

Australia's Shame

I Have NOT Watched the Spur Video

So here’s the dealio. I have NOT watched the Spur video. I know, I know, how did I manage to not press play on a clip that flooded my timeline?? 1,379 more words

No, JonTron Getting Dropped From a Game Is NOT Bigotry

So, SidAlpha, a game reviewer on Youtube I followed because I liked some of his reviews and because he was hit with DMCA takedowns unfairly like Jim Sterling was, made this video after JonTron was dropped from a game by Playtonic. 590 more words

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