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Ted Cruz’s Sophisticated Bigotry - By William Saletan NOV. 24 2015 3:28 PM

This is how you bash Muslims while pretending to be principled.

Sen. Ted Cruz is going mainstream. As Slate’s Jim Newell and Jamelle Bouie have  263 more words

Point Of Interest

An Open Letter to All my Mormon Ex-Students

When I was 18 years old my father ordered me from our family home. He did this because I had become a Democrat. He felt I was turning my back on his way of life and he was right. 855 more words


During one of the usual chats in the whatsapp group of ex class mates, i was horrified by the unadulterated bigotry about muslims being “dirty” which came as a shock to me for its rabidity and as an unapologetic statement of fact. 461 more words

Let’s Take a Ride in the Clown Car

So what’s going on in the GOP race for the presidential nomination today? Let’s take a ride with a few of them in the clown car. 801 more words


Trump's Loaves and Fishes

News (?) item: Donald Trump insists that “thousands ” of Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center on 9/11. He insists and although there is no visual or written evidence of this…well…he insists. 298 more words


"It’s Out Of Control Now": First, Donald Trump Came For The Muslims

I have never truly feared for the well-being of my family or friends because of the words uttered by an American politician. But that has changed after Donald Trump’s comments over the past few days about Muslims. 973 more words