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Problem solving with a Vox Phantom

Anyone with multiple instruments is more than likely guilty of having a favourite, whether it be a 70s Telecaster, or a 19th century viola. For the lesser instruments in a collection, this means they stay in their cases for months at a time, briefly emerging for a dust off before being returned to their coffin. 2,831 more words


Guitar Break #6

Noodling around on the USA Hamer Newport. You can’t really see the orange-sparkle finish on the hand-carved, spruce arch-top, but it looks nice in person. 23 more words

Frank Grau

Gretsch Streamliner Series

As novas Gretsch Guitars Streamliner oferecem padrões sonoros tradicionais na marca a um preço bem acessível. Os humbuckers Broad’Tron são especificamente desenhados para os modelos… 38 more words

Custom TK Smith Telecaster

TK SMITH DESIGN One of my main gigging and studio guitars for a very specific old school country/rockabilly jump swing vibe. Stunning Tones! And unique as it gets!! 105 more words

George Barnes

Bridge conversion on a Guild X-175

So after a long search for a nice Hollowbody I pulled the trigger and purchased a Guild X-175 from the Newark collection. And though I very much believe in this guitar and its gorgeous woody tone I found some room for improvement: 628 more words

Progressive Rock