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BTFL Breakdown of the NFL's 1st Quarter

NFC East

  • More like the NFC Least. Amirite?
  • The Dallas Cowboys lead the division and look like they’re in for a world hurt going forward.
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Narratives for the upcoming 2015 Season in BTFL

We’ve got a few things to keep an eye this year…

  •  Who will be win the sidebet between Corporal Punishment & Back To the Future?
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BTFL Post-Draft Evals for 2015 - Team and Predictions

It’s been a while since I put one of these together. Excuse me if there are some typos, miscues and malfeasances…I may be rusty!

Due to some support within the BTFL and a complete disdain for everything Toyota/Automated Insights has done, I had to get back to what I enjoy doing, which is analyzing and commenting on the rosters of those in the BTFL using pop culture references. 1,519 more words


BTFL Post-Draft Evals for 2015 - Reaches and Bargains

Round 1:  

Reach: Colin Kaepernick  (Back to the Future)

How can it not be him? I know this keeper pick was made months ago during a bit of spirited conversation between friends but considering some of the talent on BTTF’s roster that had to be released (Beckham Jr., Adrian Peterson to name a few..), this one will sting. 661 more words


Shango's Take on the SEA/NE SuperBowl

I agree with Shango on this being a potential franchise-killing situation.

The players openly questioned Bevell’s play call right after the game and if the players continue the question the coaches calls going forward, you can expect the Seahawks to lose a lot of what made them great the past couple of years. 222 more words


Six Games...or nah?

I’ve very intrigued on seeing the punishment now that we’ve got a clear idea on the rules involving domestic violence…

The Commish


Peyton's Pay

I’ll just leave this here…

There are 85 work days in 17-week season. Peyton Manning makes $20 mil salary, or $235,294 a day. Time-and-a-half holiday pay: $352,941.

— Mike Klis (@MikeKlis) September 1, 2014