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This topic has been on my mind basically all my life. Happiness: money and success?

I did not come from a wealthy family. I was not born with much. 271 more words


Her World

She is the kind of the girl that always smiled and made you wonder, what made her world goes round?



Sometimes, its a cruel world out there. You don’t get everything that you want.

My fear is not having you with me.

How do I live when you are the one that meant everything?



You can see how his face lit up whenever he mentioned her name.

We love. We love the same girl.
And we love. We love each other as brothers. 17 more words


On Julia Quinn

There are days, she will wear black head to toe not cause she is some gothic girl. A smile will still be plastered on her makeupless face and you could ignore the drab black she wore. 80 more words


Total Happiness

There is something about her. Behind those loud laughters, what is it? What is she hiding to herself? No one lives in this world with pure happiness. 37 more words


That kind of girl

She is the kind of girl with a bagful of stuffs, always rummaging through it, digging out surprises. The kind of girl that had various coupons, discounted cut outs from fast-food place that she loves, monthly promotions for the supermarket she frequents or just some junk flyers which she could not just throw away as there is no nearby bin. 89 more words