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Naruto Shippuden July 2015 Schedule

The Fourth Great Ninja War continues on Naruto Shippuden as the the Noble Blue Beast of the Hidden Leaf Village takes on the power of Six Paths Madara Uchiha! 142 more words


Obito's Hokage Thoughts! Shinobi's Work Together - Naruto Shippuden 384

Naruto Shippuden 384 shows the power of the Allied Shinobi as they work together in order to pull all the Bijuu’s from inside Obito, we also see’s images of him as a Hokage if he decided to come back. 488 more words


Naruto Chapter 692: Revolution!


After Naruto bids farewell to his father Minato, all of the Kage vanish as each of them relays their final words to Naruto and his friends. 477 more words


Naruto Bijuu Mode

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Final Scream - Naruto Uzumaki

It seems like Naruto Uzumaki is going into his final stages of his battle against the greater evil which currently is Obito and Madara Uchiha. The Infinite Tsukuyomi is nearly to be activated and thus its most possible that Naruto will have to get onto the latest stages to which he’ll have to fight with Sasuke. 54 more words