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Bike 101

The bike is probably the most confusing investment a triathlete with a non cycling background can make. What kind of bike bike? Road bike or a tri bike? 2,563 more words


Kenapa Kita Mulai Bersepeda by: ridebike

Why Ridebike NOW?
Ini dia 6 alasan mengapa kita harus mulai bersepeda dari sekarang:

  1. Merasa lebih bahagia –> Sinar matahari ternyata bisa meningkatkan hormon “rasa-senang” yang disebut serotonin hormone.
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Bike Test Turned Fitness Test

Today was the last day to return or exchange my bike for another one if it wasn’t working properly.  I thought the gears were broken and planned to return the bike to the shop for the shopkeeper to have a look at it. 255 more words

bike 101: five steps to creating an outdoor office

The beauty of working in academia is that you generally have a flexible schedule and can do a lot of your writing and research from any location you choose. 227 more words

Summer Cycling

weekend reading: great tips for commuting in style

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Julie is by far one of the cutest bike commuters out there. Her new hot pink tires on her white Linus have me all kinds of jealous but I don’t begrudge her her lovely bike because she’s such a sweet person that she truly deserves it. 63 more words

Stylish Cycling

bike 101: dreams of a fixed gear conversion

For his birthday this month, T. asked for a new/old roadbike. He found this cool 80s Schwinn World Sport on Craigslist and I happily purchased it for him as his birthday gift. 177 more words

Bike 101

bike 101: how to oil your bicycle chain (and what to use)

I recently received this reader question…

i follow your blog with interest and of late really enjoying the what to do without a bicycle lock…

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Bike 101