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Wheel Clock

I made a wheel clock from an old chrome 406 rear wheel.  From both sides of the hub, I cut off the bearing bosses and polished the edge smooth.  94 more words

A Dance With the City

12 October 2015 – Just me & more Nuit Blanche extended-viewing sites, that was the plan. Then — perhaps because I was now walking around town — then, the city itself got in on the act. 1,579 more words


San Francisco Bicyclist

Cykel Scramble was a super fun bike event held a couple of weeks ago in the hot San Rafael sun. My posters from the event are now available on the ARTCRANK website, go get’em!

Adrianna Bamber

The works of bicycle art on display at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

We all know bicycles are works of art. There is no denying the beauty, the form and function in one stylish package. But, sometimes people go above and beyond to celebrate that fact. 71 more words

Bike Art

Cykel Scramble

My artwork will be for sale on t-shirts and posters at Cykel Scramble this Saturday, September 26th at the Marin County Fairgrounds in San Rafael, CA… 46 more words

Adrianna Bamber

Le Rouge et le Noir

3 September 2015 – Very rouge, and very noir.

Though not exactly as Stendhal intended it.

Another hot-steamy week. No long walks; I go early to the Y and, if I’m lucky, see something like this.



This fence was built for Ed Stokes in the historic Pie Allen Neighborhood in Tucson.   It was installed back in 2010 and has rusted nicely over the past year.  12 more words