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Bike Accessories You May Need

Bike accessories will flip your biking game into one amongst desirable luxury. Okay fine, they merely build your life easier. Therefore rather than monotonously vendition your approach down the road on an uneventful bare-bones frame that appears am passionate about it was created in Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, all of your gear crammed on your body, swiftness you down, take the time to prink your bicycle with these bike accessories which will build your cycling time easier and a lot of pleasurable. 307 more words

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NRG Power Stem: The fundamental design flaw that defies its very purpose (for me)

Crowdfunding and cycling remains a very promising and very disappointing combination. Lots of hopeful startups have sought for an innovation-friendly crowd. Lots have failed to find that crowd. 1,390 more words

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Can the trimm One shift the paradigm of cycling computers? Five reasons why I'm skeptical

trimm One is a new bike computer that appeared on Kickstarter a few weeks back. I’m a perennial crowdfunding supporter. Here’s two good news: First, I have (at some point) received every single product that I’ve backed via crowdfunding except one. 2,602 more words

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