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Riding by Numbers

Would you go on an extented bike tour without a speedometer or bike computer? No? Neither would I.

For over a year that little thing displayed my current speed, my daily and total kilometers, informed me on how steep the incline was, I was struggling upwards and even confirmed that it was chilly outside, when I woke in my tent. 494 more words


Bike computer - Karoo review : Navigation, Map


” Cycle computers available on the market are too expensive and their touchscreen or display is so poor.” I have thought. So I have sought out the cycle computer, which meets my needs. 264 more words

Bike Computer

Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer + Night Riding Light

If you are fond of sports, and in particular cycling, then you are sure to be in need of a device that will help track your results and achievements. 451 more words


Wireless Smart Bike GPS Computer with Recording Function

There are many active people who enjoy all forms of exercise. One very popular form is bicycling. Those who often ride their bikes, usually invest in different monitors to track all sorts of data. 419 more words


Functional Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Computer

Cyclists come in many different types, from the seasoned professionals to the weekend warriors, and everything in between those kinds. Though, at some point all of them start craving for self-estimation in cycling and – consequently – data collection. 415 more words


Hammerhead Karoo: Why I won't buy it (yet)

Disclaimer: I have not had a prototype of the Karoo. This is not a classic hands-on, nor is it a full review. It’s a comment based on promotional materials I have seen. 2,323 more words

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Raniaco Bike Computer, Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer, Bike Odometer Cycling Multi Function


If you are wanting to see how far and fast you can ride then you are going to need this. I know we have all wondered how fast we could ride but now you will know how cool is that I mean really that is awesome. 76 more words