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Day 5 - The cast comes off

Day 5 started slowly with household chores being done along with paperwork & banking which I was considerably behind on. I caught up quite quickly and was pleased to see that despite spending freely over the Christmas break we weren’t in too bad a shape. 446 more words

Review - Bike Computer app - Safety conscious app that may save your life

Bike Computer App

Available on IOS and Android.

A dank British drizzle falling through the night sky was wetting me to my core. It was this that first tempted my mind to sway toward dark thoughts as I cycled the 30 miles home from Cirencester. 896 more words

Bike Computer

Bike Computer  cycle safely!

These days I see many of tourists coming around from the whole world with the aim of cross country cycling. These are those who have left their homes, jobs and their families to conquer their passion. 340 more words


Garmin 200 "Review"

If you’re a bike-dork like me then it’s probably safe to ignore this post, but if you’re curious about bike GPS stuff or are considering buying one, or you just want to know how I navigate then read on. 864 more words