CX Motor Man?

Okay, first to admit I’m no engineer. But what does everyone make of this video? (The original post has now had almost 70,000 views and continues to draw a wide range of viewpoints.) This is an Elite Men’s CX race. 37 more words


Tweets of the week: Motors, mud and Mallorca

It was quite an eventful weekend. We had the CX World Championships, which brought us a lot of mud, Leonardo DiCaprio and an actual… 1,027 more words


Still More Thoughts on Stuff

UCI is rethinking the radio ban.

They finally acknowledge that safety is a legitimate concern.

But, as I’ve said before, UCI is ASO’s biatch, and they’re only reconsidering exactly the notion put forth by Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme; A radio frequency run by race organizers to convey safety info to the riders. 811 more words

Thoughts on Stuff: Doping Edition

This article might alternately be titled: Fuck You, Lance Armstrong

Except that such a title is not very family friendly, and so not in keeping with Bikezilla’s policies and guidelines regarding good taste and objectivity. 1,024 more words

More, More Thoughts On Stuff

Another collection of links, but no time to write full articles.

— If you ride your bike in New York City, don’t be surprised if your harassed by police. 491 more words