Still More Thoughts on Stuff

UCI is rethinking the radio ban.

They finally acknowledge that safety is a legitimate concern.

But, as I’ve said before, UCI is ASO’s biatch, and they’re only reconsidering exactly the notion put forth by Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme; A radio frequency run by race organizers to convey safety info to the riders. 811 more words

Thoughts on Stuff: Doping Edition

This article might alternately be titled: Fuck You, Lance Armstrong

Except that such a title is not very family friendly, and so not in keeping with Bikezilla’s policies and guidelines regarding good taste and objectivity. 1,024 more words

More, More Thoughts On Stuff

Another collection of links, but no time to write full articles.

— If you ride your bike in New York City, don’t be surprised if your harassed by police. 491 more words

Did Greg LeMond Ride Clean?

Greg LeMond: The first American to win the Tour de France and he did it three times.

He’s generally considered the only “sure thing” as far as winners of the Tour de France winning clean. 455 more words

Is AFLD Playing Obstructionist in Lance Armstrong Case?

In a recent LeMonde interview with Bruno Genevois, President of AFLD (That’s “LeMonde” as in the magazine, not “Lemond” as in the first American to ever win the Tour de France. 449 more words