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Big Buck$ No Hassle - Bicycle Lanes and Bike Share

  • 20% – Businesses that saw an increase in sales after bicycle lanes were installed.
  • 70% – Businesses that saw a “positive impact” on the surrounding area after bicycle lanes were installed.
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Cyclists vs. Drivers vs. Pedestrians – Rules of the road for who?

Growing up when I was learning how to ride my bike, my dad taught me and my younger brothers how to ride in the alley behind our house. 945 more words


How We Roll, May 26: what changes may occur along the new Expo tracks?

Things to read/watch whilst transiting: Elephants can now talk — one can repeat five words in Korean. Attentive Source readers know that while I think apes are more likely to topple humanity as top dog on the planet, it appears that elephants may be poised to make a run. 411 more words

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‘Trying to break the stereotype of what or who cyclists are’: Tweed Ride wants more people peddling

Some of the best-dressed people in Calgary spent Victoria Day on bikes; the fifth annual Tweed Ride brought cyclists out in their finest itchy, wool wear. 473 more words


Afternoon Bulletin: New City Guidelines to Protect Gender Expression and More

Employers and landlords will now be required to use preferred gender pronouns for employees and tenants or face hefty fines, as per new guidelines introduced this week by the Commission on Human Rights. 443 more words


Afternoon Bulletin: Rep. Maloney Threatens to Fail MTA, Bike Lane Crackdown and More

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney says she will give the MTA an ‘F’ on the progress of Second Avenue subway construction if the agency misses its December deadline to finish the first phase of the project. 521 more words

Bike Lanes

Women, Freedom, and Bicycles.

I came very close to going to prison. Not because I had done anything wrong by cycling on U.S. 27, but because the system is flawed. 2,195 more words