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David Staples: Top 10 reasons to build downtown bike lanes

City council is gearing up to spent $7.5 million on 7.1 km of bike lanes in downtown Edmonton.

This new splurge is planned after already spending $11 million in 2013 on suburban bike lanes that are so detested by the vast majority of Edmontonians that they became a major issue in the last civic election, with some of the lanes subsequently getting scraped off city streets. 717 more words

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Downtown Edmonton bike lanes closer to becoming a reality

On Wednesday, the City of Edmonton’s urban planning committee voted unanimously in favour of a project that would see a seven-kilometre cycling grid built downtown. 325 more words


Halifax seeks public input surrounding transportation priorities

Transportation has become a contentious issue throughout the Halifax area.

While some people are calling for better bike networks, others are firm believers in a commuter rail system or bus rapid transit. 357 more words


Edmonton council committee votes to fast track cycle tracks, let cyclists roll through stop signs

Edmonton took the first step toward a fast-tracked downtown cycling route Wednesday and councillors supported a motion to let cyclists roll through stop signs in residential neighbourhoods, too. 587 more words

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Suboptimizing Bicycling Part 2

By Dom Nozzi

July 28, 2003

I love bicycling. I have been a lifelong bicycle commuter, wrote my Master’s thesis on bicycle transportation, have been a member of several bicycle advocacy groups, worked professionally to promote bicycling as a town planner, and have had many books and articles published that promote bicycling. 346 more words

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What can Halifax Learn from St Augustine

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting St Augustine, Florida. It was my first time visiting and I had a lovely time. This is the oldest city in North America having been founded in 1565 or so after Ponce de Leon claimed it for the Spanish crown in 1513. 1,173 more words


Downtown Edmonton could see cycling lanes by 2017

Edmonton could have a new downtown cycle track mirroring Calgary’s as early as June 2017.

That’s the conclusion of a highly anticipated Stantec report heading to committee next week that promises two-way, separated bike lanes or FastTracks within one or two blocks of every major downtown destination. 517 more words

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