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On Quezon City's Kalayaan Avenue bike lanes

Another example of what can be called “pwede na iyan” bike lanes are those found along Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. To be fair, the city made an effort to paint the bicycle lane and put up signs for this. 260 more words


Cars Parked In Jamaica Plain Bike Lane Causes Problems For Cyclists

BOSTON (CBS) — Matt Wilding rides his bike to work from Roslindale to Dorchester every day. His ride is usually pretty smooth until he gets to The Arborway in front of the courthouse in Jamaica Plain. 188 more words


Crash-prone Yellowhead Trail repairs to shut down multiple intersections

The Yellowhead Trail freeway project will see more than a dozen access points closed as Edmonton seeks to turn the accident-prone arterial into a six-lane, free-flowing freeway. 406 more words

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Edmonton residents excited about bike share, want rules to prevent disorder

An outpouring of excitement around bike share for Edmonton came on so strong after we covered the issue Monday it surprised us.

Industry experts say new technology… 1,071 more words

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Stolen bikes highlight need for provincial leadership at Wheel Week efforts: advocates

Daniel Lindberg, 14, used to ride his bike to school. Then his bike was stolen. Twice.

The bike was locked up both times, but the bike rack at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School can’t be seen from the office. 516 more words

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Suburbs vs. city

Biking in the suburbs is a pleasant experience. No one yells at you for being on the sidewalk – as a kid I never biked on the road – bikes from Canadian Tire are fine for the sidewalk, field and small street riding and cars actually slow down when they come down the street and see kids on bikes riding in circles. 793 more words


Cheap, easy bike rental now possible for Edmonton with zero capital dollars

Bike sharing has become so cheap, it could be rolled out downtown and around all of Edmonton’s suburban LRT stations at no cost to the city, say advocates. 575 more words

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