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Cycling in 1980s London

This fascinating video from the mid-80s found its way onto my radar recently, and it shocked me to discover that London has actually gone backwards in terms of cycling infrastructure since it was made. 227 more words


Bike Parking & Infrastructure map

This is the master map that I’ve been using to keep track of all the proposed and planned bike infrastructure in town. I’ve maxed out the number of layers that Google Maps allows you to create, so I’m looking for another platform to move this data to in the future.

Link: http://bit.ly/ptbikeracks


Summertime Blues

Well, now that the Memorial Day holiday is over, the unofficial start of summer is here.  If you’re going anywhere out of town for the summer, you have no worries, except the expense.  462 more words

Diary Entries

What Ecology Ottawa will be watching for in today's Term of Council Priorities report.

In October Ottawa elected a new city council. At the time Ecology Ottawa approached councillors across the city and met with many of them. We told them clearly what our priorities were and offered to work with them. 434 more words

Climate Change

The Ubiquitous Right-Turn Lane

See anything wrong with this? Think this looks like the ideal condition for bike safety? What would happen if we eliminated most right turn lanes? Let’s talk about it… … 9 more words

The Street

Babin: Here's what people who live near the new downtown bike lanes think

Complaining about construction projects impeding your commute is practically a rite of passage in Calgary. But when that construction project is bicycle infrastructure, like the work being down right now on the forthcoming downtown cycle-track network?  1,422 more words

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