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Cheers, Cowbells, Applause! Who Do YOU Thank for Bikes this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day – a day to express an attitude of gratitude and appreciation to our friends, families, neighbors and all of our dear ones.

The holiday rituals focus us on the highest aspects of ourselves. 352 more words

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Why Go Fat? 

Fat bikes – they’re all the rage! While many consider fat bikes to be a trend, they are, in fact, here to stay!  The hottest  426 more words

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The Secret Sauce to Making Fitness Gains in the Off Season 

Gone are the epic rides of summer only to be replaced with cooler temperatures, shorter days, and less time on the bike.  Aside from cyclocross, the 2015 cycling season is over, but, this part of the cycling season may just be the most important season of them all.   353 more words

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Mirror Mirror

If you drive a car you would not – hopefully not! –  drive without using your mirrors. Cars and trucks have sideview and rearview mirrors to help you stay situated on the road. 283 more words

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Battle of the Bulge - How to Fight the End of Season Weight Gain

Between trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, keeping the weight off can be a challenge for many individuals this time of year. According to a new survey just released by  586 more words

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Cyclocross Secrets to Surviving the Mud and Obstacles

Cross season begins in the early fall and runs through the end of December. You know, the time of year that those of us who live in places that get real, bona fide winters want to hang up our bikes and hibernate under down blankets. 448 more words

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Mad About Pipes

We are having this sudden madness about designing pipes lately. Here are some of what we have in mind and already done.