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Boost Your Cycling Performance with Fall Riding - And Why it Matters!

While we welcome cooler temps and colorful foliage that fall cycling offers, the shorter days and fatigue of the cycling season can beckon cyclist to cut their rides short – or skip them all together.   520 more words

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Drinking During a Cyclocross Race?  It’s Not What You Think!

Did you hear that?  That was a cowbell ringing!  Because somewhere in the world, there’s a cyclocross race going on!  As customary to the cyclocross culture, there’s lively banter, cheering, cowbell ringing, and festivities accompanying a cyclocross race.   447 more words

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Get In Gear Before Winter – Favorite Fall Rides Along Colorado’s Front Range

Fall bike riding offers the chance to enjoy cooler temperatures, view the changing colors of the leaves, and reinvigorate our spirits with the freedom riding a bike inspires.   623 more words

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Get Your Cowbell Ready! Golden Kicks Off Cyclocross Season

While the cross country mountain bike  and road bike race seasons may be winding down, the cyclocross race season is just starting.  In fact, you could officially say that it is now cyclocross season!   621 more words

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4 Ways to Make the Most of Late Summer Riding 

At the beginning of the cycling season, enthusiasm and energy is high!  About the mid-season point, accumulated season fatigue catches up with most cyclist. Recovery rate from workouts and from races slows down and finally, by the end of the season, some find their motivation waning.   633 more words

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Refinishing my ukulele

Back in 2009, before I rode my bike from Edmonton to Thunder Bay, I went to the now-defunct Gordon Price Music and purchased a $20 ukulele. 403 more words

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Gravel Grinders: The New Cycling Adventure     

Gravel what?  Yep! You read it right – gravel grinders!  Gravel Grinder 101: are popping up all over the country.  Generally, they are unsanctioned, unsupported endurance bicycle races on primarily gravel and dirt roads, with little or no outside support, course markings, fees or prizes. 500 more words

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