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Our Favorite Nutritional Products to Avoid Muscle Cramps

There are a lot of opinions about why muscle cramping occurs and everyone has their own advice when the topic comes up. Many sports drinks tell you that they key to preventing cramps is magnesium, bike fitters will tell you your saddle is too high or you have incorrect… 475 more words

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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Race Day Efforts

Before a race or a big event, do you ever feel overwhelmed? Nervous? Anxious? For the most part, experiencing those sensations is normal. Yet, oftentimes, negative self talk can exasperate the problem. 423 more words

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Review- Esi fit cr grips

Today I’m going to review the ESI fit cr grips. I’ve been riding these since i got them installed at the seaotter this past march. 340 more words


Keeping Cool When the Racing Gets Hot! Tips to Getting Race Ready for Late June and July Colorado Races 

Course strategies, break aways, riding in a small group or a large peloton – these are the thoughts and questions of cyclist wondering how to perform their best at bicycle racing.   709 more words

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Winning Racing and Training Secrets from Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop Sponsored Cycling Teams

Guess who is rocking the coolest bikes, the best bike parts, and crushing it in Colorado’s toughest road and mountain bike races?

You guessed it – Peak Cycles Racers!   505 more words

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What's New and Notable in Colorado Cycling

As part of our introduction of the Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop 2015 Roster of Sponsored Cycling Teams, we’d like to introduce to you a new and notable cycling team in Colorado – the Colorado Collective. 288 more words

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Bike Anatomy

it was my father’s birthday last month and I thought…
“what do you get the man who has everything?”

…a poster he doesn’t have?

With a penchant for cycling, this was the most masculine/least offensive design I could muster up. 10 more words

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