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Upcycled gifts now available!

At DRCET and De’ils On Wheels we like to recycle and reuse as much as we can and we have recently been putting our collective creativity to good use and… 134 more words


3 Cycling Strategies to Manage Stress During the Holidays 

While the holiday season brings times of joy and celebration, it is often tainted with juggling holiday parties, kids events, family gatherings, and travel.  While all fun activities, they can contribute to a stressful experience.   722 more words

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You Want to Get Fat this Thanksgiving. Here's Why!

Thanksgiving is prefect for celebrating and sharing gratitude for the blessings in our lives.  Yet, it isn’t exactly an ideal day for healthy eating and staying fit. 1,073 more words

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The Cyclist Guide to Black Friday - Getting the Gifts You Want and Need 

Most cyclists, whether competitive or not, enjoy being at the front of the pack.  Sure, it’s safer, but it’s also cool to be in front.  As the Thanksgiving Holiday is right around the corner, now’s the time to position yourself to be at the front of the pack – shopping that is! 489 more words

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The Year End Review: Not Just for Work But for Your Cycling Program Too 

While the year may not be quite over, many are already planning their 2017 race and cycling season.  

Sure, it’s fun to have lofty new goals, new ambitions, and new venues to fuel your cycling passions through the winter months and upcoming holiday season, but not pausing to reflect on what has recently come to pass during the previous season is missing a valuable opportunity to make personal gains that only you can make.    493 more words

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Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts

If you are not a biker, searching for a gift for your biker buddy can be a rather daunting task. If you start looking, it won’t be long before you are staring down the length of long shopping aisles, completely clueless. 439 more words

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Daylight Savings Ending - Fear Not! Cycling Training Strategies for Daylight and Night Hours  

With the time change this upcoming weekend, darkness will fall earlier each day making it more challenging to fit training rides in the schedule. But fear not, at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we have training strategies that can help you make the best of the daylight and night hours! 763 more words

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