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Unique sport of hardcourt bike polo a hit among Winnipeggers

WINNIPEG – Even though the equipment is easily recognized, hardcourt bike polo is still largely unknown.

“It’s a little bit of a strange sport to try to explain to people,” Zach Allard of the Winnipeg Urban Polo Association said.

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It Started with Bike Polo and Ended with Chicken Noodle Soup: An Anxiety Story

Author’s Note: So if you’re new here, I have general anxiety disorder and depression. I used to be ashamed of this, but not anymore – these conditions are a part of who I am. 2,527 more words

Denver SCQ

Southcentral Koalafires. Aurora, CO. May 2017.

Woooo 🐨🔥

I got in Thursday night to Denver, real late-like, and luckily my host, Tim the Great, scooped me up from the airport. 895 more words

Halloween Massacre-ade Ball III

Austin, TX. 2014

I have a GoPro now, so I’m basically Steven Spielbergz, amirite? Most clips were drunkenly chronicled, but it’s short n sweet, if you wanna take a peek ;) 26 more words

GABA Bike Swap 2017

It’s refreshing to move to a new city and set about trying to connect with people.

One thing is true about Tucson.  Even though there are one million, give or take, residents in this large and diverse part of the country, in some ways there is still a small town feel.   562 more words

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Tandems, Polo, Carbon, and a bikes, bikes, bikes!

On Sunday I went down to Toronto to the Toronto International Bike Show. I won’t lie, I have no idea what makes this show “International.” Seemed like it was all in Canada to me! 1,015 more words


Puerto and a lot of Rico

Feb 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico, was the first place I flew my bike to. This was in 2013. Coming back, after 4 years this time, felt soooo weird, in a good way. 2,188 more words