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Running errands

At The Small Hall we subscribe to the popular cyclists’ theory that the correct number of bicycles to own, is current number +1. 219 more words

Full racks and funky bikes

So here it is, the first of my series of positive cycling stories, to overcome the gloom of my last effort. Yes, for the next six weeks I am going to bring you upbeat and positive cycling news, views and pictures that I gather from my rides. 183 more words


Inspiration: Enlarge Someone Else's World

Believe it or not this is a bike rack. There are four of these metal columns lined up to allow people to lock up their bicycles while they are shoppping. 201 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

History of Hollywood Bike Racks

It’s interesting how Hollywood racks came into being.

Hollywood Racks started in 1973 when we began making trunk-mounted racks in the back of our bike shop in Hollywood, California. 517 more words

Bike Rack

Tow Bar & Bike Rack

The Dilemma

At last the children have finally decided that cycling can be fun. However living on the top of a big hill, with no nice off road cycling close to the house, the need for a suitable method to transport the bikes was required. 987 more words


With My Own Bare Hands (WEEN fans will know what I mean) …

I built a bike rack in the back of our truck.

My wife and I wanted to take our bikes with us when camping, but we had no good way to carry them. 549 more words


bike rack problems

The last post, about the wonderful new bike/skateboard/scooter racks at Sylvan Middle School, may leave you wondering about other schools.

Most schools in San Juan have bike racks that were placed when the school was first built, meaning many are 30 to 70 years old. 234 more words