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Replacing Lost or Worn Keys

Replacing lost keys for an RV can be a troublesome task, although replacing worn keys is easier. If a key is worn, you might consider replacing the lock. 435 more words


Wild Animal Bike Racks

Check out Gina Rossi’s latest bike rack at the Sacramento Zoo on Land Park Drive. This giraffe is one of three zoo residents recreated in horseshoes. 7 more words


Yakima Swing Daddy on 2012 Prius V (Yes, on a 2" receiver)

Wife drives a 2012 Toyota Prius V. Its pretty dang difficult to transport one bike in the back, let alone a family’s worth. All along we figured we’d just find a 2″ receiver hitch and use our existing Yakima SwingDaddy rack. 611 more words

Getting ready for the summer!

In preparation for the summer trips to come Taiga Lily got kitted out: The bike rack and roof rack re-emerged from the cellar and went onto the van. 122 more words


same stuff, different week... red hair and colouring books!

No changes on the weight front but also a complete lull in motivation…

Tonight I’m tired, it’s been a long day so I’ll probably skip the gym… I’m not proud of myself but I will make an effort to go for the rest of the week… which is three more nights. 704 more words


I Want To Ride My Bicycle

DING! DING! hear that? that’s the sound of my new bike bell… actually, I’m not entirely sure it has a bell but it probably does. 204 more words