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I think I'm done with this topic.

One last thing about safety and etiquette. This may seem obvious, but traffic laws are intended to make traffic flow more smoothly by getting us to follow some basic principles. 779 more words


Better Red than Dead

I’d rather be alive than dead right. Sometimes the law is on your side but you’re still dead. So we’re going to talk about the law but also about staying alive. 990 more words

Better Safe than Sorry?

Relations between people on bikes and people in cars are frequently strained, even though most adults who ride bikes also drive cars. What is that about, and what can we do? 1,122 more words

When you don't ting your bell...

After burning around 4,000 calories on Tuesday and doing a full day at the office, I had very little sleep as the boys were tag teaming to keep us all up, all night. 318 more words

Beach Body 2018

Bicycle Helmets: A How-To

If you can’t tell what’s wrong in the picture above, you need some help.

Does your helmet look like this?

Or have you had the same helmet since 1983 (or even more than 5 years old)? 617 more words

Cycling Tips

Amherstburg gets funds to boost bike safety for kids

Young cyclists in Amherstburg will soon be a little safer after the town received $7,500 for education programs.

The money, part of the provincial Safe Cycling Education Fund, will boost the Amherstburg Police Service‚Äôs bike rodeo and the town recreation department’s training of bike camp instructors. 178 more words

Local News

Cold comfort

Starting a ride at 5:00 pm on a March evening when the temperature is just 48 degrees is a guarantee of one thing. It will get colder as you go. 1,143 more words