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Sky, Hope and the "Law of Attraction"

How’s this for the “Law of Attraction”… not 24-hours after posting about the Ron Toppi’s bike swap in our Facebook circles, Sky and his girlfriend Hope gift me two 24″ bike tubes completely out of the blue… WORD


Bike Swap 2014 Bonus Round!

Before I tell the rest of the story on chains, we have a brief interlude also known as one of two craziest bike-related days of the year…the Cascade Bicycle Clubs… 701 more words

June 28th: Bike Swap 2014 at the Canterbury Sales

Bike Swap 2014 is happening, y’all! Please note the change of location (it’s not at ZenCog this time). You’re headed to exotic Avondale!

On Saturday, June 28th, head to Canterbury Street (the intersection with Herschel is a good place to start). 98 more words

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