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June 20, 2018 - Any Place It Goes Is Right*

I wonder if John Kay and friends had a bicycle in mind when they wrote¬†Magic Carpet Ride? I mean any place that Shirley or Trixie take me is right, even if it’s not always where I intended to go. 289 more words


June 19, 2018 - This is Ourselves Under Pressure

OK So it’s been about nine days since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t had the time, because I don’t spend TOO much time in my little musings here. 383 more words


June 10, 2018 - Summer's Here and the Time Is Right

Thanks to Martha, David, and Mick for announcing the change in seasons. (OK, I know that it officially doesn’t start for two more weeks, but roll with it!) With the temps where they are, there’s no doubt: Summer is HERE! 236 more words


June 9, 2018 - Fire, I'll Take You to Learn

I think Arthur Brown had days like this in mind when he penned his song Fire, back in 1968. Man, is it hot out there! According to the guesstimators at AccuWeather, it was 87* when I headed out at 5:53pm for a quick 6-3/4 mile ride, and IT FELT EVERY BIT OF IT!!! 362 more words


June 8, 2018 - I've Seen Sunny Days I Thought Would Never End

Thanks to James Taylor (Fire and Rain) for the help with today’s title.

Yep, it’s sunny out there. Nary a cloud in the sky as I pushed my foot down on the pedal to start the ride this morning. 204 more words


June 4, 2018 - Is It Raining With You?

Not this morning, Annie, but they’re suggesting there may be a storm this afternoon. So I jumped out on Shirley this morning and did my 6.7 mile ride. 404 more words


June 1, 2018 - I'm a Man of Wealth & Taste

OK, that title statement is definitely NOT true in the traditional classic sense, although I consider myself wealthy in the friends and family I have around me. 277 more words