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Monkey Lust.

Every year when companies drop their new models, the collective of bicycle geeks drool over their keyboards at once.  I am one of those geeks.  You have probably gathered that already.   192 more words


Bike Comparison...

With my Lemond listed for sale, I have been pondering the next ride.  Moving away from all things road/gravel/cross related, I want to stick to more of a MTB to compliment my fat bike and fixed gear.   369 more words


Surly ICT for sale...

Shaking things up again with the stable, I now have my ICT listed for sale.  Mostly stock, 2 forks, $1700.

Heres the thing:  I completely enjoy this bike.   58 more words


And the bike stable is getting shaky...

So lately, I have found myself wanting another bike to round out the stable.  Sure, I just said in an earlier post that I was content with my current rides, but as the famous saying goes: the ideal number of bikes to own is n+1, where “n” is the number of bikes currently owned.   73 more words