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One Bike to Rule Them All, or I have an idea...

In my constant search for bike nirvana, I find myself circling back to Jones bikes lately.  I have been a fan of Jeff Jones and his weird bikes for some time now, and I think that finally I have found what I am looking for.   68 more words


ICT Plans.

Now that I have finally made up my mind with bike stuff, here is the plan with the ICT if/when the Macho Man sells.

First order of business is a new wheelset.   140 more words


What to do with a Fat Bike...

If you look at this blog remotely, you have noticed my constant whining and complaining as only a millennial could possibly do in regards to bikes.   361 more words


Monkey Lust.

Every year when companies drop their new models, the collective of bicycle geeks drool over their keyboards at once.  I am one of those geeks.  You have probably gathered that already.   192 more words


Bike Comparison...

With my Lemond listed for sale, I have been pondering the next ride.  Moving away from all things road/gravel/cross related, I want to stick to more of a MTB to compliment my fat bike and fixed gear.   369 more words


Surly ICT for sale...

Shaking things up again with the stable, I now have my ICT listed for sale.  Mostly stock, 2 forks, $1700.

Heres the thing:  I completely enjoy this bike.   58 more words