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And the bike stable is getting shaky...

So lately, I have found myself wanting another bike to round out the stable.  Sure, I just said in an earlier post that I was content with my current rides, but as the famous saying goes: the ideal number of bikes to own is n+1, where “n” is the number of bikes currently owned.   73 more words


Thoughts on the XXIX.

I have been spending a lot of time on the new bike lately, and overall I am completely jazzed about it.  Here are a few thoughts… 119 more words


Ice Cream Truck Cont.

Continuing on with my time with the ICT, I have continued to push the boundaries of what this bike is capable of.  Moving away from riding along single track, I have ended up to my hubs in mud; lifted the hefty bike 100+ times over downed trees; pushed up a rutted out, sloppy muddy, fall line horse trail; and showed my kids how to jump it off our back porch: 45 more words


Bike Thoughts: An Experiment in Meditation

I’ve always found it interesting to hear how people like to unwind after a long day. Some opt for the Netflix route, plopping on the couch and turning their minds to autopilot. 452 more words

Bike Thoughts

Looking to hit the Road...

In my never ending quest to create the perfect bicycle stable, I have been searching out for my next road bike. I really enjoy riding the Fargo, on road and in the woods, but I really think adding a lighter/road specific bike to the garage would compliment the Fargo nicely. 75 more words


Lets Talk Bikes...

In my state of constant bike searching, here are a few that I think would finally complete my bike stable:

Airborne Goblin EVO

I really dig this bike. 125 more words


(6) What am i?

A question was asked today that made me think – ‘what are you?’

Needless to say, it made me think and, while out road-biking, I drafted up a list of ten things that I think ‘I am’. 138 more words