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Want to head back to the dirt...

At the moment, I do not have a specific bike for riding single track.  Sure, I have my old school MTB experiment, which I have found out is not working as well as I had hoped.   276 more words

Steel Is Real

Rivendell Lust (again...)

I need to just stay off of Rivendell’s website really.  I still have moments where I think I could make a Riv work for me, even though that might not be the best option cycling wise. 32 more words


Bike Thoughts...

The Macho Man has sold, so now I am back to square one as to what to do with my bicycle stable.  This leaves my stable at the ICT and the fixed gear.   18 more words


One Bike to Rule Them All, or I have an idea...

In my constant search for bike nirvana, I find myself circling back to Jones bikes lately.  I have been a fan of Jeff Jones and his weird bikes for some time now, and I think that finally I have found what I am looking for.   68 more words