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Oh! Highway

Motorcycle enthusiasts and travellers all over the country take long distance motorcycle trips mostly to get a feeling of thrill and adventure through them. It is about overcoming fears and defeating in the battle of roads. 385 more words


Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals: Hanger and other Group Dynamics

Hello dear readers.  This is a post I have been itching to write since back in the Sawtooth.  But it has taken many more months of reflection before I felt I could do it justice, and present my thoughts constructively.   2,000 more words

Bike Trips

Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals: Lady Bits in the Wilderness

Good Day gentle readers and welcome to the fourth installment of the Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals series!  This post is about my experience as a female person out on the road.   1,586 more words

Bike Trips

Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals: Route Planning and Improvization

One of the biggest questions we got throughout the trip and after was how we chose which roads to go on.  The easy answer is that we had a lot of help and we got pretty lucky.   2,641 more words

Bike Trips

Days 80-90: Olympic Peninsula and metaphorical freight train to Portland

Days 81-2: Crescent lake

We woke up in our hammocks in our less than legal camping spot on the Adventure route of the Olympic Discovery Trail.   3,958 more words

Bike Trips

Days 75-80: CANADA: International Bike Trip WOOOOOO!

Day 76: Orcas Island rest day

We woke up in the hiker/biker site on Orca’s Island with some new friends.  After The Gabianelli’s departed the night before we were hanging around camp when some new bikers rolled into the campground.   2,919 more words

Bike Trips

a long ride, a broken bootay

I am unbelievably lucky to be a part of a family that values a wanderlusting spirit. Spring 2016 my mom decided to embark on a journey by bike from Prague, Czech Republic to Dresden, Germany. 445 more words