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The Workout Video with Mags

STRAVA Activitiy: https://www.strava.com/activities/333367770

This one was a bunch of fun and really didn’t take that much time. I actually hadn’t planned on doing the editing for it, but once I saw the “formation” that Felipe and Manny had gotten into on the footage, I couldn’t help but do something with it! 85 more words


10/27/14 Bike Workout

I did basically the same bike workout as last Monday, but added on a little. I started by doing a 10 mile “tempo.” Then, I did 4 2 mile intervals, with about 3 minutes rest. 152 more words

Peddle Yourself Fit: How to Get the Most Out of a Stationary Bike

I run into a lot of people nursing injuries, or limited by joint issues. Unfortunately, as soon as someone is injured they often quit exercising altogether – but there is hope! 522 more words


The Joys of Yoga Pants & Bike Workout

They’ve arrived!!! My birthday is at the end of the month and my awesome Grandma bought me some Lululemon pants as a present. Like most girls, I thoroughly enjoy yoga pants (hello bum, you look better than usual). 172 more words


Snow n Ice Cycling Mix

I’m calling this week’s spinning mix “Snow n Ice” since it has been so crazy with all of the snow storms lately. The workout is mostly pick ups and sprints and the focus is on working up to your max heart rate. 238 more words


Indoor Bike Training: 2 mins ON - 1 min OFF

It was tough because of the flaky hamstrings. Started off with a 10 mins warmup spin.

Bike Workout in the morning:
  • 2 mins – High RPE, was trying to keep the Cadence above 90 rpm.
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Good Morning Wednesday ;)

It was a gorgeous day today, albeit a bit nippy! However, I got my bike workout in and made it to book club tonight where we managed to eat, drink, discuss 3 months worth of books (briefly – ha!) and pick our entire reading list for next year – shocking huh??! 7 more words