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Quick Trip to China (Camp)

Lately I’ve really been into weekend tours. There’s a lot of good in a weekend tour. They’re quick, with fairly little commitment, you can travel light (or not), go far (or not), go solo (or not), and for the most part they’re about having fun and being flexible. 1,969 more words


Thursday July 30, 2015  Schedule

Hello team,I know I made the announcement about holding a bike trainer session on Thursday morning. I take that back.

We changed plans. We’re going to keep it as a run session. 68 more words


Thursday July 30, 2015

Active Recovery

Aerobic Restoration

20-60 minutes of running, rowing, biking or swimming
Pick one, or a combination of any

20-40 minutes of mobility and stretching… 9 more words

Competitors Program

More bike racks go up downtown

AUSTIN, Minn. – As the city of Austin continues to work toward becoming a bike-friendly community, more projects are popping up. The latest has new bike racks downtown. 117 more words

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Funfetti Protein Cupcakes

As promised, cupcake recipe number two from my protein baking adventure last week! A Funfetti Cupcake with Protein frosting :) At only 80 calories each, you will love these! 300 more words


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As soon as I saw this recipe from Third Shift Fit I knew I had to try it. One thing I personally find hardest about eating healthily is eating less cake - I just love cake! Normally I try and do an extra workout or cut out something else on the days I want to indulge in a slice, but with this recipe...well, with a massive 2g fibre and 7g protein and only 1g fat and 10g of carbohydrate per cake this will be easy to fit into any day! I might even have two! (And for calorie counters, they come in at just 80 calories each!) [caption id="attachment_172" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Cute cupcakes Cute cupcakes[/caption] They are easy to make too, literally throw one lot of ingredients in one bowl and the rest in a second, mix, then mix them all together and bake. Took me 1 hour from start to finish, but that's only because I only have a 6-hole muffin pan and I made 15! Could easily be done in 30 minutes, allowing a little extra time for them to cool before decorating. [caption id="attachment_169" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Preparing the batter Preparing the batter[/caption] I don't use the same brand of protein that Rachael does, so I used My Protein Deluxe Impact Whey Velvet Vanilla - but the nutrition must be about the same as the overall cupcakes came out with the same calories/macros etc. as the originals. I definitely recommend these, they are tasty (not exactly like real cake but close enough you don't really notice), quick and easy to make, and provide great nutrition - what's not to love! [caption id="attachment_171" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Decorating the cakes Decorating the cakes[/caption]

Downhill National Championships at Llangollen, July 18-19 2015

Considering I had only raced once this year and I had only been out riding a handful of times, I felt quite relaxed as I headed for practice day at Llangollen. 1,839 more words

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