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From Ramshackle to Refinement: the IKEA bike

Meet SLADDA, the First IKEA bike!

SLADDA 28′ is the perfect urban bicycle. It comes with everything you need on a bike (the usual frame + lights, reflectors, brakes and coaster brake), but it is an IKEA product. 175 more words

Life In Pictures

My way or the highway

Motorists especially those on two wheeler’s (Motorcycle) have no sense and respect for Traffic Signals. They almost seem ignorant of the lights as though they are meant only for 4 wheeler’s and other vehicles. 783 more words

Life & All That Jazz

Uber 에반대 싸움 5부

자전거 배달부 대원의 관리에 중요한 요소는 파견자입니다. 파견자는 자전거 배달부의 “보드”를 제어합니다. 이사회는 사자 팀이며 일의 분산을 추적하는 방법입니다. 100 대 이상의 자전거 배달부가있는 대기업은 팀을 여러 보드로 나눕니다.

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Headwinds and Taillights

I’ve had a much longer-than-expected absence from here. But I have been riding just about every day and logged a few hundred more miles. Biking is becoming less of a consideration each morning and afternoon because I take it for granted. 457 more words


Temples of Bagan

Apparently there are over 2,000 monuments in Bagan, in various states of repair/disrepair. Earthquakes have caused major damage, the most recent in August 2016. Some temples were closed due to the latest shakeup. 218 more words



Mullayanagiri, highest peak in Karnataka, has been on my bucket list for a while now. Situated around 180 km from Manipal, it was a 5-hour ride from where I stayed. 542 more words

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