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Uber 에반대 싸움6부

자전거 배달부들이 불효과하는 파견함에대해서 많이 불편합니다.   일부 파견자가 너무 나빠서 한 포장만 파견할 수 있습니다.  이런 일이 파견이 한명 남은 파견자의 판사를 통제하여 나타납니다.  그것은 이해할 수 있지만 나쁜 파견함이 회사가 너무 많이 자전거 배달부들이 있습니다.이런 조건이있을 때, 자전거 배달부는 시간당 약 8불만 평균하는 벌수있습니다.

Newroad stylee

Road cycling apparel is always the last element of the sport to be accepted by the mountain bike convert or new rider alike. Week upon week, my beginner group of road cyclists would show up in jogging trousers or running t-shirts. 461 more words


A New Kind of Thankful

Bike wheels whizzing fast. Pedals cranking. Breath heaving. This book is another link in my chain that is sending me in the direction I want to go… A place of contentment and thankfulness. 518 more words


25 weeks 'til #IMMT: looking fear in the face

I’m not 100% yet, but I have made #progress with my recovery and being #fearless this week!

Swim: 5200 yards

I had two really good swims this week. 399 more words

Blog Posts

Cease your unforgivable indolence! Motivate yourself to exercise with this new kind of stationary bike! Locksmiths hate it!


It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise—especially since you know you can always put it off until later.


But what if we could set up a situation where you would have to exercise? 291 more words


The biggest achievement achieved!

A four year old boy woke up excited to see what Santa had left him as a Christmas present. To his suprise he unwrapped a bike for himself . 180 more words