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A leisurely ride through the countryside

… and learning by doing – that is what probably best describes my second and third group outing on a racing bike. And I am still somewhat befuddled as to what I seem to have signed up for just by wanting to ride. 712 more words


24/11/15 - Spectacular Memories and Views

Today sadly marks the day of 5 years since my dad passed away. This is the reason my lovely mum has come to stay for the week. 69 more words

On Track

This weekend I competed in my first ever proper cycling race on the track. All of the training I had been doing through the winter and the intense work of the last couple of months was leading to this point so to say that I was excited would be a massive understatement. 975 more words


Best Gift Ever: A Bicycle From Blue Wheel Bicycles in Charlottesville

As an eight your old I can remember wanting for Christmas a toy called “Turn The Terrible Tank”. It was a two person game where each player faced the other on a rail like track with a motorized tank that would move along it. 552 more words

PTC Fun Survey Results

Here’s the results from the Pasadena Triathlon Club Fun Survey.

We apparently have lots of bikes and shoes. and shocker, we workout all the time. 7 more words


You are now entering Ribble country

My cycling partner is running late.

I fiddle around in the garage and contemplate another cup of coffee, my breath cloudy in the freezing temperatures… 736 more words


New York City's Protected Bike Lanes Have Actually Sped Up Its Car Traffic

There are some great statistics that really help make the case for protected bike lanes, came across this article the other day … Florida should really take a look! 174 more words