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Your pics on our blog

We get loads of pics sent to us. Some fit a theme and some are a little random. Occasionally you don’t even tell us why you sent them. 51 more words


Best city for free bike repair stations

So we asked out faithful Facebook crew about free public bicycle repair stations in their area and…..well the verdict is unanimous.

If you need to fix your bike in a public place and have lost (or in our case forgotten) your tool kit, then Canada (specifically Nova Scotia) is the place to be. 39 more words


Caledonia's calling me and my MTB

I’m pretty sure that by now you have guessed that some of our contributors are of the Scottish persuasion.

The title of this post is actually a play on the lyrics of a song (best sung by Frankie Miller) guaranteed to reduce any true Scottish (Caledonian) person to a blubbering mess. 79 more words


Royal Enfield. Is it royal enough ??

Well, good evening fellow readers, bloggers, i am someone whose name will not be of any importance to you, so lets skip the introduction and get into the topic. 677 more words


Two Wheels Better the Tee Shirt

So when we launched our facebook page in August 2011 we set a target of 20k fans.  Here we are almost 4 years later and we have just broken through the 100k fans mark.   160 more words


Powered by bicycles - Household

I guess the title of this post is fairly self explanatory but it came (like so many of our posts) from a drunken conversation. This one was about how to get kids off consoles and onto bikes. 93 more words


All Hail the Bicycle Fail.

We love the pioneering spirit of cyclists. Those who push the boundaries of what is possible to do with a bike and on a bike. 90 more words