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Get creative with minimalism

It was a hard week for me. I tried to cycle again, but my tendonitis didn’t allow it. I also tried to run a few Kilometers, but this also didnt’t work. 185 more words


Maybe the smartest Bike tool

As a cyclist, I’m always searching for improvement. May it be riding technique, power, nutrition or bike tools. I used to carry a 250gramm Multitool with me. 223 more words


3 things I love about cycling

1. Adventure

Whenever I plan a new route, I look up google maps for interesting places. Like: Oh, there’s a castle, maybe I ride along there and back.” Or I can go on a challenge and ride up big mountains to admire the view. 250 more words


The extra to Cycling

As a minimalist I make decisons for my life. It’s either all or nothing for me. So I decided to be a cyclist and imagined, that I only have to ride my bike to get better. 141 more words


Why Cycling is like a video game

Yesterday “Pokemon Go” was released in Germany. Seems like everybody is jumping on to that hype with phrases like: “Finally I have a reason to go outside and enjoy nature.” 157 more words


Key trick to a quick breakfast

Proper nutrition is a big thing in an active, healthy life, especially when you’re working out more than ten hours a week.

My key trick for breakfast in the early morning are therefore instant oats. 103 more words


Who do you want to be?

Today’s my birthday (30) and my first thought for an article, was a breakdown of my life. Who am I? Where have I been? What did I learn along the way? 188 more words