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So we have decided to make the jump from WordPress.com to wordpress.org.  Why? well it allows us to do a few more things with the site and puts us in control of a few more bits and bobs. 117 more words


Illegal Immigrants

Reflecting on the week of riding in Aigle, I’m certain I speak for all Sufferlandrians in attendance that is was one epic week. One that changed me forever. 937 more words

Wareham MX 2015!

Broke out my jib crane for this one and got JMR Honda’s Bryon Hopkins and Jake Pinachos tearing it up.


BMX Bandits

What happens when you put a bunch of Sufferlandrian’s on BMX bikes, then point them to the nearest pump course? One of the most intense adrenaline pumping afternoon’s known in all the land’s of Sufferlandria. 1,175 more words

The Croix

Day Four, our last full day of riding Switzerland. Our legs are starting to tire from the long week, not to mention the intense prior afternoon on the track, followed by a fancy dinner in Montreux. 962 more words

Sufferlandria Strikes Back

After Monday’s awesome session on the track, the Sufferlandria National Team was keen to get back on the track. Discussions about buying track bikes had already started, with some making plans to visits velodromes back in respective cities. 882 more words