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What Is It Wednesdays Sensor Edition

Speed, cadence, power, heart rate – these are just a few things you can track while riding. It seems more and more we’re a data driven society. 1,346 more words


For the love of two wheels.

So it’s another blog about motorcycles? Why should I care. well truthfully I’m not here to make you. I’ve had a love for motorcycles my entire life and not to sound cliché but I honestly think it is something you’re born with. 110 more words


They See Me Rolling - November 2016

Alright, so today was supposed to be the day for a monthly miles update, the FIRST ONE actually. No excuses, November was a rough month for me to get any miles in and the ones I did get in, I barely recorded. 71 more words


Monday M.O.

So today I feel like crap but I came across this great article from Eleven about not worrying about fitting in with the norm when it comes to cycling, I sometimes struggle with that myself. 53 more words


Thoughts on the Eco Helmet?

Have you seen the Eco Helmet yet? It looks like one of those party decorations that you fold out and either hang from the ceiling or use as a table centerpiece because it looks like a snowman or a turkey. 350 more words


What Is It Wednesday: Cycle Alert

This week I was tossing around a few ideas for WIIW, I have plenty on bike basics I could write about but then I watched this video and just knew this is what I wanted to share with you this week. 976 more words


The Final Ride

Well its here the final ride i would never though this semester would end so quickly, I put counts hours of putting in work for all the homework and tests. 285 more words