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4 Great Bicycle Gadgets and a WTF

We read a lot of other bike blogs to try and weed out the good stuff for you guys. We see ourselves as a bit of a s**t filter, sorting through the mundane stuff so you don’t have to. 73 more words


BMX Adverts from the 80's

You may have guessed from the posts to date that some of the guys on Two Wheels Better work in the bike industry and more than a few of us are old enough to remember the 80’s. 91 more words


Bikes and Lego with some added StarWars

So whilst we were researching (drinking coffee and googling) our post yesterday on the crazy world of StarWars and Bikes we came across a few Lego cycling pics. 100 more words


Star Wars and Bikes

In case you guys hadn’t worked it out yet, the only thing I love more that two wheeled modes of transport (excluding my family) is Star Wars. 95 more words


Sorry we're busy watching the Paris - Roubaix

Short post today as we are watching TV rather than riding.

It’s the Paris – Roubaix, the hardest single day race in the world.

If the cobbles aren’t dangerous enough there is also the chance of being flattened by a train. 14 more words


Bikes, Booze and Lots of Lovely Beer

We really are super simple creatures here are TWB.  There are things that we like (bikes, coffee, motorbikes, beer, booze, burgers,…) and lot’s of things that we don’t (anything that isn’t on the previous list). 127 more words


Bike Road Signs - We Should Make Our Own

We were reading one our of favourite bicycle sites today Road.cc and came across an article about a cyclist who made up his own road signs.   84 more words