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Met a Saint in St. Louis...

Left Eureka and arrived in St. Louis to meet another social media follower named ermorgan. He drove me around town and showed me the sites. 107 more words

Backpacking & Hiking

When life gets tensed: I Ride !!!

Riding is the most expressive epitome of adrenaline rush. You can only relate if you have experienced the same. Motorcycling is now fancying more and more number of people as they have found the way to experience the unsaid joy and satisfaction. 182 more words

Mermaid Parade

Yesterday was my first real weekend day since getting back from my trip. I had been piling up with things I was not going to be able to do during the week as well as things that were specifically planned for the weekend. 1,025 more words


Weekend Away: Out with a Battambang!

With Summer in full swing, expats are taking trips left and right to get away from the craziness and pollution of Phnom Penh.  Given my new funemployment situation I thought at first that it wouldn’t be prudent for me to spend money on a trip.  1,564 more words

Summer Training Week 2 (11 miles + 345 min XT + other stuff)

Happy Sunday!  I started off today’s off day nice and slow by reading a book all morning, then walked to a plaza, savored an helado in the sunshine, and enjoyed an iced café con leche at a café with some friends while working on a paper.  833 more words


Living Life

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post on here, but it’s not because of anything bad. I’ve just been living my life, enjoying myself, and not dealing with many medical problems. 582 more words