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NZ South Island - Short trip - Part 1

New Zealand got added to my bucket list when I moved to Australia. I started waiting for my PR to come through so that I do not have to apply for NZ tourist visa. 1,798 more words

I fell off my bike today and felt stupid

There’s nothing like falling off your bike in front of a bunch of people at a busy intersection to make you humble fast. I felt like such a turd. 317 more words


Trail riding!

Did our first bike trail ride of the year. It was a little rough but a lot of fun. We stopped at our turn around point (4.2 miles from our trailhead) to check out some stores and grab a little snack (teenagers are always starving!).


Santa Teresa County Park, with Almaden Meetup

Santa Teresa Park in South San Jose is 10.8 miles north of my house (says google) so I rode my e-bike there to meet with friends from my Almaden Meetup on a nice spring morning. 231 more words

Healthy Aging

Race Anecdotes: The power of thinking at the Cobb Lake Road Race

It was a balmy 30F outside as I packed my six water bottles, gear, and bike. I stopped to take a picture of the graveyard across the street as snowflakes floated around.   1,280 more words

The Ladds 500

Welcome to the “fourth first annual” Ladds 500, where hundreds of gung-ho yahoos bike in circles around the small center of Ladds Addition. A springtime tradition that is oh-so-very Portland-esque. 22 more words


Gettin' Down to Business

A lot of writers, including myself, aren’t so good at self-promotion and thinking of the business side of what we do. Reality is, for me … I like getting paid for my words and photos. 23 more words