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35 Bike Rides for 35 Years of Marriage

Since travel was restricted this summer we decided that we would explore our own region traveling by bicycle rather than by car or airplane. I have already written about cycling to work for twenty years but this summer I had a whole new experience of recreational cycling with a partner. 834 more words

Biking to Cape Cod, Days 2 & 3

This post continues on the previous post of my biking from Boston through the end of Cape Cod, over three riding days this July. Here we go over the final two days, covering the Cape, with the final day being by far my favorite. 853 more words


Project Postal: Bringing an old Trek back into service!

Two thousand and two. Nelly was getting Hot in Herrrrrre, Christina Aguilera got Dirrrrrty and the first mobile phone with a built-in camera was released in the USA. 402 more words


Sydney's bike network stuck in the slow lane | Sydney Morning Herald

Nigel Gladstone at the Sydney Morning Herald writes: “Sydney’s bike network stuck in the slow lane“. My quote below:

Sydney University Professor of transport engineering David Levinson said bike network plans are “unambitious” because the government seems reluctant to face any backlash from the loss of car parking.

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My top 5 ways to get motivated

Hey guys,

These are some of the ways I give myself energy and motivation to do the things I need to do or even to just get through my day. 445 more words

Colleen's Active Adventure in Canmore

This year with our travel plans to Europe cancelled we decided to head to Canmore for our holiday.  I like Canmore as it is like a small town.  1,074 more words

Berries and Bikes North of Seattle

We’ve spent the past ten days exploring the valleys and coastline north of Seattle. Our destinations were somewhat defined by the locations of our Thousand Trails campsites. 465 more words

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