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V is for Velocity by Volition

I love the word Velo for a bicycle since it reminds me of Velocity: the rate of change of the displacement, the difference between the final and initial position of an object.  63 more words


Secret project.......revealed!

Motobecane CXX

Finally finished putting it together and took it out for a ride.  The 42mm tires will take some more leg power to push but they are cushy and not as slow on the paved surfaces as I thought they might be. 163 more words


Along the way

Heeeyy, so I thought I would post some snapshots I took over the course of a couple weeks. Nothing fancy and a couple are a little fuzzy (due to my phone). 66 more words

Rose's Musings

Bike Ride

I try to ride my bike everyday. It’s something I like doing. In fact, I miss not using it when I can’t.

I love that I get to go places without having to spend on fare or gas. 297 more words