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Where did our trips go? pt. 4

I have long admired the trip and distance data collected sporadically by the National Household Travels Survey. Not because of its fine scale (it is national only) or because of its annual updates (irregularly between 5 and 10 years), or even its consistent methodology (It, like the census, has shown a nasty drift in survey methods and assumptions between surveys). 387 more words

What is there really to say about riding bikes? Despite the bottomless potholes, maniacal drivers, tortuous winds, and near vertical hill climbs, we love doing it.

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To many prospective cyclists, the most frightening thing about committing to the sport is switching to clipless pedals. I will admit, it can be intimidating at first, but I am telling the truth when I say you can do it, easily, and you will never regret it. 1,018 more words


One Way Ticket to Europe

Exploring the world around and meeting new people is something that I have loved since I was young. As a teenager and young adult I would save for trip after trip always looking forward to the next time I could travel. 576 more words


What cyclist law?

Re: Better know your rules of the road, by Trevor Wilhelm, Aug. 28.

As of Sept. 1, a new law has taken effect to help protect the safety of bicyclists. 244 more words


Just Live, Dammit.

Have you ever had the feeling while visiting a place that you love that you might not ever be back again? I had that feeling today. 359 more words