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Luxury care for hair down there from Fur.

Few things in life are certain, but pubic hair is one of them. Fur is the first line of products that cares for pubic hair and skin.  7 more words

Attention! 潛在激光脫毛 風險要小心

Attention! 潛在激光脫毛風險要小心

隨著這段時間對激光脫毛的親身體驗及資料搜集, 便越來越加深認識。除了認識到激光脫毛的好處外, 更知道很多潛在的激光脫毛風險!!!!!!尤其是在價錢與質素的取捨, 到底該選擇貴的還是平的激光脫毛服務?平與貴又有何分別??在選擇之前, 不妨先了解以下激光脫毛風險再作定論。

潛在激光脫毛風險1: 激光脫毛平價plan/團購

 好多女生都會在夏天意識到脫毛的需要, 所以很多女孩子都會在這時期join 激光脫毛plan,以致很多激光脫毛公司在夏季推出很多激光脫毛 78 more words

At-home IPL Hair Removal (it's good news)

You’re reading this, I suspect, because you’re wondering; “Will one of these things stop me from having to shave my legs ever again?”

Well, the answer is ‘no’. 1,325 more words


BaeWatch: Itty Bitsy Bikinis

When you think about it, the experts on swimwear should be Caribbean girls, no? The West Indies have beautiful skies, gorgeous beaches and tropical weather that calls for itty bitty bikinis. 163 more words


Your Bikini Line: What It May Tell You About Your Fertility

Have you glanced south of the border lately? It can tell you some surprising things about your fertility, say some experts. The really weird details … 186 more words



The Hairless Norm from Petra Collins.

See more of Petra’s work on The Ardorous.

7 Annoying Things That Happen to Your Bikini Line—And How to Fix Them

The area that gets the most razor love when anything summer is related? Your bikini line trumps even your leg or underarm areas, but it’s also the situation with the most harrowing shaving terrain. 985 more words