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Pinterest Find-Smoother Bikini Line Shaving Technique

Hello there my lovely blogging babies,

I was on Pinterest and I found a really great bikini line trick to help avoid red bumps, irritation, and infected skin. 604 more words

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Removing the Hair “Down There”

The Bikini Area

In my 20s, I shaved my bikini area, needing to trim just outside the bikini line. That had always been enough grooming for “down there.” But then I started to get razor burn; you know, that unsightly rash and the itty bitty pimples that come from in-grown hairs. 361 more words

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[REVIEW] Chomnita Clear Dark

Review based on my Personal experience

Long story short, I found my back bumper got a couple of dark spots one day -_-

I knooooowwwwww…….. … 446 more words


Laser update: bikini line

In a previous post I mentioned the new course of laser hair removal that I am doing. It’s going very well, and it’s time to give you an update. 371 more words


Body Hair Regime...Or You Can Grab My Ankles

I’m only shaving my ankles this winter. I’m not shaving the entire length of my leg until at least June.

(Entre-nous, I haven’t shaved the entire length of my leg since High School swim team and this June will come and go without a leg hairless in its entirety this year and every year after  until I die.) 150 more words

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My Beauty Routine Part 2 - Skin & Body Hair

So this post is second in my beauty routine series. The first was about my perfume collection. This will be about pretty much what i put on my skin from the neck down. 586 more words


Like it or Not - A simple solution for the bikini line? Yes!

Like many of you, I have tried most of the common methods to strip down the hair down there. The goal is to avoid looking like I’m hiding a small woodland creature in the lower half of my swimming suit (no exposed hair, no 5 o’clock shadow)- I am not aiming for a Brazilian, skinny landing strip, or hardwoods (all bare down there). 705 more words

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