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I absolutely hate shaving! I shave my face about once a month, maybe less if I’m not at work or travelling for a long period. The main reason I hate shaving is because it makes my face sore and uncomfortable. 529 more words

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News...

I don’t see doctors. I just don’t. Just as some people don’t eat meat and others don’t smoke, I don’t see doctors. It is my firm belief that essential oils, combined with ‘mind over matter’ (or vodka) can cure everything. 720 more words

Preclude | Shaving pubic area

Ingrown hairs are becoming a very common nightmare following bikini line hair removal. However, the following data will tell you how to preclude bikini ingrown hairs. 431 more words



‘Topiary’ is a favourite euphemism amongst body hair ‘commentators’ from the popular pages of beauty/fashion magazines to the peer-reviewed pages of sociology journals. With its allusions to the ornamental, to care, to control, even to taming ‘natural’ growth, it tacitly imposes such regulatory demands onto women’s bodies/the female consumer, whilst fundamentally veiling the real and raw corporeality of body hair. 104 more words


Luxury care for hair down there from Fur.

Few things in life are certain, but pubic hair is one of them. Fur is the first line of products that cares for pubic hair and skin.  7 more words