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Who wants to shave everyday anyways?

SO, part of me moving to a place almost literally out in the middle of nowhere, calls for not having to shave my legs and lady or parts (Only to please my significant other of course) and so that I don’t step outside and be mistaken for Sasquatches sister. 209 more words

Pubic Hair

Let’s be honest about pubic hair.

I first became confused about pubic hair when riding the bus and hearing some girls make fun of another girl for having “a bush”. 775 more words


激播Bikini 激光脫毛真人show (Queenie QQ Live Chat)


莉敏Queenie : 激光脫妹妹毛真人秀 Facabook Live Chat


QQ  Queenie Chan真係  sis  的女神,從來未有人試過咁大胆,做緊激光脫  bikini  妹妹毛時都上  facebook  玩  live  video, 真係好  dare!  咁做都想更真實地  experience  同解釋到比堅尼除毛的情況係點。


睇完如果有興趣體驗下QQ推介的激光脫毛, 只要到  http://goo.gl/Q2scux… 71 more words

The Best Way To Wax At Home

It’s the time of year again where can no longer hide our hairy legs behind jeans and unfortunately we’re stuck shaving every day just to keep a sleek look! 787 more words


How not to Home wax.... An old, but still great, Internet gem 😂

I think I first read this hilarious account back in the early half of the Noughties – circa 2004.  It made me howl with laughter back then and still makes me choke laughing over a decade later.   1,013 more words

Bikini Line Etiquette for Women in Labour‏

A request from an Obstetrician was made this week – to write something that she can share online and, for once, not have to read “in secret”. 698 more words

The Cool Fix

Need a cure for razor burn? I have one. It soothes any issue caused by razors, and works especially well around the bikini line. The Cool Fix by Shaveworks… 50 more words