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No objection, your honor: Smokin' hot lawyer decides to become a bikini model

Pia Muehlenbeck. I’d tell you to remember the name, but after one look at her face and there’s no way you’d forget anything about her. 279 more words


This hot model has gotten another commercial banned because it’s too sexy, and yes it is

Bar Refaeli is a hottie from Israel and if you’re wondering how someone from Israel can gain the notoriety that she has so far, you’re not alone. 91 more words


Pure Elite: My First Competition

So following my peak week series, it’s about time i updated you on the competition day itself.

I woke up at 6am ready and raring to go… well almost, I actually woke up with a raging headache but it was nothing that a bowl of oats and a coffee couldn’t sort out. 1,571 more words


She dresses as Wonder Woman in nothing but body paint and that’s a wonder, woman

Someone call the rest of the Justice League and tell them Wonder Woman’s definition of saving people has drastically changed. No longer is she fighting villains and monsters. 82 more words


Who cares what she’s saying? Just look at her in that amazing bathing suit.

This just may very well be the greatest fake beach party ever.

Who cares if this looks more like a set from your high school play? 74 more words


This bikini model may look nice, but here’s why she’s as naughty as they come

Patricia Perez-Gonzalez is one naughty, naughty girl.

The 26-year-old Miami model and her 31-year-old boyfriend Alberto Companioni were charged for their alleged part in a $2 million dollar identity theft ring. 104 more words


Rebecca Grant is the hottest golfer alive and I’m not sure there’s a close No. 2

Rebecca Grant is an actress, TV show host and may as well add model to her resume, seeing as how she’s smoking hot. She’s every man’s dream because she adds to her incredibly sexiness with a passion for sports. 299 more words