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Jessica Barton wear almost nothing as she goes for a ride, and we wish we were with her

I can think of a few reasons why that ride is “bumpy.”

Jessica Barton does a little bit of it all with her being a full-time model and an import race car driver. 71 more words


This voluptuous model in a tight bikini gets doused with milk for a photo shoot. Oh yeah.

Jordan Carver, our jet skiing, big breasted hottie has joined the fight against Osteoporosis. Well, not really, but after watching her in this photoshoot, it’s definitely believable. 75 more words


Tips For A Successful Bikini Model Diet

Amongst many other aspects, nutrition is very critical for a bikini model! A bikini models diet a week or two away for a commercial or magazine photo can either work in their aid or work against them! 774 more words

One of the sexiest women alive shows us how to eat a banana, and get your mind out of the gutter

Watching her do anything and keeping your mind PG-rated is a task all it’s own. Having her give these simple rules while eating a banana makes it simply impossible. 86 more words


I want my coffee at Bikini Beans Espresso because she serves it in almost nothing

I’m not a huge fan of coffee but after seeing this incredibly hot barista, I could go for a nice cup of Jo.

That’s actually the name the owner of Bikini Beans Espresso, a coffee shop in Seattle owned by the amazingly beautiful Carlie Jo. 144 more words


This bikini beauty gives us rules for the pool and there are two huge reasons to listen

Rules suck!. Anarchists unite! Well, unless those rules are given out AND enforced by this beauty. I’ll follow (almost) any pool rule she has, even if it requires wearing water wings and snorkeling goggles. 35 more words


Hottie trying on bikinis asks if she looks hot and we're wondering why she even has to ask

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

She passes the “do” part with flying colors because her hotness is off the charts. But are these really bathing suits? 45 more words