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Fitness Series: Abs

Let’s be real. The number one body part EVERY woman is overly critical about herself is her belly. We truly believe that the key here is to stop comparing ourselves to  6’+ models with straight body figures. 553 more words

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Fitness Series: Bikini Booty

This week its ALL ABOUT THE BOOTY! Every lady needs a luscious booty to go with their luscious bikini. Let’s be real for a second, from Nikki to Kim these butts just keep getting bigger! 438 more words

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Bikini Ready?

Thirty days…just 720 hours until I have to suck it up and suck it in and brace
the bikini. What is it that is so terrifying about having to wear a bikini, other than being completely exposed in a situation where you would usually be covered up, around complete strangers? 946 more words

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Fitness Series: Cardio

When people hear cardio they think the worst. Cardio doesn’t have to necessarily be some extremely nut case routine, just as long as your moving and sweating you’re doing something right! 475 more words

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Prepare to Achieve.....

So Girls we have 5 days to get ready for our FIT for FALL Plan (do you like what I’ve done there??!!, that’s Autumn where I come from but it doesn’t sound as good!!) I know I am certainly SOOOO excited to get back on it and so pleased to see many of you are up for the challenge to tweak your ways and work along with me!!! 394 more words

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Fitness Series: Sculpted Legs &Thighs

Now that summers come and gone, it’s back to our busy schedules. Sometimes that means sacrificing your work out routine to get a little extra “R&R”.   711 more words

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DIY Infused Waters

In this heat, there’s no doubt about it, water is a MUST! Not only is it necessary to coooool down (as Roman would say), but it is so beneficial to your health too! 149 more words

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