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Weight Loss Plateau - My Metabolism is stuck!

I’m getting angrier and angrier by the day! being on a very Low-Carb diet (below 50g Carbs per day) makes you irritable and grumpy anyway, but when you’ve stuck to your diet religiously and monitored and measured and recorded every last lettuce leaf and drop of liquid that has entered your mouth and your weight hasn’t shifted for 15 DAYS! 1,216 more words

Bikini Ready

Last chance saloon – Body transformation

I am 36 and a typical Slim-fat person (I can’t bear to use the term skinny-fat!). You know the type where you go on a diet because you know you have lots of pockets of excess fat underneath your clothes but everyone declares “you don’t need to diet – you look great” –  or “You have a great figure”. 671 more words

Bikini Ready

Very Low Carb - High Protein Diet

As part of my new body transformation journey, I have started a Low-Carb diet, consisting of 10% Carbs, 40% Protein, 50% Fat.

When you sign up to the semi-private group training at UP Performance they give you a really simple meal plan with those percentages (10% Carbs, 40% Protein, 50% Fat). 514 more words

Bikini Ready

CrossFit - First Timer - EEK!

So less than a week after deciding to transform my body – I decided to try CrossFit! I had vaguely heard the term banded around and had some vague notions about what it involved. 438 more words

Bikini Ready

UP Performance – to the rescue!

After realising I was incredibly unhappy with my body (mostly unclothed), I decided to sign up to ‘UP Performance’ in Manchester – they are a personal training gym mainly based in London City and Mayfair and Manchester, with additional worldwide sites in places like Marbella and Hong Kong. 745 more words

Bikini Ready

How to Get ‘Summertime Fine’

Summer is officially here! With the arrival of the new season, it also inevitable that images of the ‘perfect’ summer body will be flooding your timelines (if they haven’t already). 309 more words

The Best Way To Wax At Home

It’s the time of year again where can no longer hide our hairy legs behind jeans and unfortunately we’re stuck shaving every day just to keep a sleek look! 787 more words