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Lets talk cellulite...

So that was my transformation of my glutes, (of course its much than just glutes, it the hamstrings, quads, and all that other good legs stuff that we’ll get into another day).  287 more words


First Blog!

Hi, Jasmin Pinto is the name, and a strong healthy living is the game.  I started my fitness journey about 2 years ago.  I was not entirely sure of what I wanted, except to be strong, and be mindful that back then I was not even able to do a single push up, I used to mainly focused on cardio and picked up the weights a few times a week, but i wasn’t being effective and efficient with them, but for those of you who have known me you can agree with me when I saw that lot has changed since then.  319 more words


Top Tips: Wellness

As a follow up to my recent post which described my journey to the stage, I decided to share a few of my personal pointers for remaining active and fit. 441 more words


Amanda Cerny Takes Us Through The Evolution of The Bikini in This Hot Video

Playboy Playmate and Vine star Amanda Cerny is taking us through the evolution of the bikini just in time for Memorial Day. Starting in the 1890’s, Cerny transforms through the decades until she finally comes to our favorite kind: the tiny string bikini of 2015. 27 more words


I love you just the way you are

I’ve started to accept my body for how it is. I still eat healthily and keep active, although naturally the last few weeks my activity has been limited due to my recovery. 208 more words