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Parashat Ki-Tavo opens with the passage describing the Bikkurim/First fruits offering. The Talmud describes this offering as the centerpiece of Shavuot, the second of the major festivals. 121 more words

Commentary for Re'eh

This week’s parshah contains the well-known commandment “do not boil a kid in its mother’s milk (Deut. 14:21).” This is the third instance of this commandment in the Torah. 587 more words

The Process of Truth and impact of Time - Shavuot 5774

For a printable PDF version click here: Shavuot – time and process

Counting as a process

There’s a fabulous Winnie the Pooh book I was reading to my daughter the other day, that tells how Pooh and all his friends decide to plant seeds. 4,797 more words

Question #37 - First fruits at the seder.

Thank you to Akiva Cohen my cousin for this question! I would love to include your questions as well!

The story of the exodus is found primarily in the book of Exodus (I know shocking!). 181 more words

Seder Question

Tu b'Shevat and a recipe for date and walnut loaf

In the first Mishnah of Rosh Hashanah we are told of four different New Years, and one of them is the New Year for trees, which falls on the 15th (ו “ט   Tet Vav) of month of Shevat. 943 more words

Commentary for Vayetzei

Of all of the stories of the life of Jacob, Genesis 31 receives very little attention. Everyone knows about Jacob lying to his father to acquire his birthright, his subsequent flight from his brother Esau, his famous dream of the ladder of angels, and about how Jacob worked for his uncle Lavan for seven years for the right to may Lavan’s daughter Rachel, only to be deceived at the weeding and married to Lavan’s other daughter, Leah, instead, and then having to work for another seven years to marry Rachel. 684 more words