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Witching Hour: The Procrastinator 02

So many things to do, so little time. Today’s the submission of our final exam in Animation 3. The pressure’s rising up but we’re not giving up. 57 more words


Mayon Magayon At Sunrise

T’was a holiday and I woke early since my alarm was scheduled for weekdays to set-off at exactly 5:05am and I had to drag my sorry ass butt off my bed after 30minutes of acrobatics before finally realizing I won’t be going back to sleep anymore. 257 more words



Olag Pequeno, Circa 1970

Nagdadaralagan sinda Pay Caloy, an kagsadiri kan kuprasan na nasusulu. Kasibut man si May Silay na nagbubumba sa gripu huli ta iyu sana ini an pinakaharaning makukuanan nin tubig. 2,202 more words



I remember reading stories of “Lola Basyang” and felt a little bit scared about old women telling stories.

A failed submission for a Halloween Special for a school publication. 7 more words

Finally! My own watercolor pencils :’] nyahaha

I need to find better paper though.

Long post: Old Ones

My past works. I have been drawing for a long time :’]

2012: Works on Mechas (I have a whole set but I gave it away.) 100 more words